From Windows 10 to 11: You’ll lose that when you update

Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 5:49 PM

Windows 11 is the new operating system from Microsoft. Some fans are already working with it. You haven’t done it yet and you don’t know what to expect? Here you can find out which functions are deviating from Windows 10 know. But don’t worry: new ones will be added.

Windows 11 follows Windows 10: It works

Windows 10 is followed by Windows 11 with a new look and new features. According to Gizmodo, some functions of Windows 10 will not survive the update:

Taskbar position

Did you know that you can set the taskbar in Windows 10 not only at the bottom, but also at the top, right and left? This won’t be possible in Windows 11. Here it should stay down – in the middle.

Tablet mode

You can use Windows 10 well on tablets (for example on the Surface Pro). But Windows 11 will probably not have a dedicated mode for tablet devices. Instead, the functionality should be reconfigured and a lot should happen automatically. So, let’s be clear: That doesn’t mean Windows 11 doesn’t support tablets. Touch devices and tablets receive support.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is actually still alive if you dig deep into Windows 10. But all traces should be removed in Windows 11 and the browser should be finally killed.

Live tiles

If you open the start menu in Windows 10 you will see live tiles. This will no longer exist in Windows 11, because widgets are to be brought back into the new operating system instead.

Video shows introduction

In a video, Microsoft shows what Windows 11 looks like:

Source: Gizmodo, YouTube / Windows, own research

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