Fuel: Prices will go down next week! Find out how much…

Deepak Gupta July 21, 2022
Updated 2022/07/21 at 3:36 PM

With a week almost over, it’s time to forecast what the fuel price will be for the next week. According to indicators, the price of fuel (diesel and gasoline) will fall again at the beginning of next week.

Know now the price you will have to pay per liter of fuel to top up your vehicle’s tank.

Fuels will drop four cents per liter

According to the SIC News, which cites a source in the sector, diesel and gasoline will drop by four cents per liter. This decline is due to the drop in the price of Brent. This is the seventh consecutive decline in gasoline and the fourth in diesel.

Contributing to this decline is the devaluation of the price of Brent (oil produced in the North Sea, in Europe, and traded in London), each barrel now costs less than one hundred euros.

Fuel: Prices will go down next week!  Find out how much…

In the week of July 11 to 17, the average price at gas stations was 0.4 cents (for gasoline) above the average weekly price determined and 2.5 cents above for diesel.

According to information from the Weekly Sales Price Supervision Report, published by ERSE, "in relation to the previous week, it was found that the average of the Public Sales Prices announced on the porticoes, and reported at the Balcão Único da Energia, was 0.4 cent/l above the efficient price, this week, in the case of simple 95 gasoline and 2.5 cent/l above in the case of simple diesel".

In percentage terms, "95 simple gasoline was announced on the gantries 0.2% above the Efficient Price and simple diesel was announced 1.2% above the efficient price", the same information states.

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