Fuels: Know the cheapest and most expensive gas station in the country

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/17 at 7:24 PM

Talking about fuel is not having very good news! As we mentioned recently, if last week the rise in the price of diesel had been significant, the information indicates that it will rise even more… on the other hand, gasoline drops slightly.

With this price rise and fall, find out which is the cheapest and most expensive gas station in the country, and the cheapest in your area.

Fuels: More expensive are in the Algarve, Lisbon and Porto, and highways

This week, the most expensive stations are in the Algarve, Lisbon and Porto, and on highways. In the country, there are variations of 30 cents for gasoline and 36 cents for diesel.

Official data from the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) show that, last Thursday, the average price at 2,414 gas stations in mainland Portugal for simple diesel was 2.04 euros per litre, while simple gasoline was 95 euros. cost 2,169 euros per litre.

Since Monday of last week (June 6), on average, simple diesel has increased by 14.7 cents per litre. Simple gasoline was down 0.2 cents.

Fuels: What is the cheapest and most expensive gas station in the country?

In simple diesel, there are stations in Portugal with differences of 36 cents between them. The difference between filling a 50-liter tank at the cheapest gas station or the most expensive gas station is 18 euros, reveals CNN.

According to the data deposited on the website of the DGEGthe post with the cheapest price in Portugal is located in Vilar Formoso, in the district of Guarda, along the border with Spain. At the Intermarché in Vilar Formoso, a liter of diesel yesterday cost 1.849 euros per litre. The most expensive gas station in the country this Thursday was Repsol's in Vila Real de Santo António Marina, which is also close to the Spanish border: there, a liter of simple diesel cost 2.209 euros per litre yesterday.

Fuel prices by district - Most expensive and cheapest

  • Aveiro. Most expensive: Repsol de AS Vagos €2,184; cheapest: Estarreja Intermarché €1,978
  • Beja. A2 Almodovar Cepsa €2,179; cheapest: Intermarché de Odemira €2,026
  • Braga. Most expensive: Cepsa A3 Barcelos €2,179; cheapest: Rede Energia Braga €1,918
  • Bragança. Most expensive: BP Auto Petro Diz & Diz Lda €2,139; cheapest Intermarché de Mirandela €1,989
  • White Castle. More expensive Cepsa A23 €2,179; cheapest Intermarché Superproença €1,899
  • Coimbra. More expensive Repsol AS Figueira da Foz €2,184; cheapest Cepsa Posto da Cidreira €1,969
  • Évora. More expensive Galp A6 €2,177; cheapest Cepsa Cooperativa Agrícola de Moura €1.98
  • Faro. More expensive Repsol from VRSA €2,209; cheapest Recheio de Tavira €1,989
  • Guard. More expensive Prio Aniceto de Oliveira Guerra, Herdeiros, Lda €2,139 ; cheapest Intermarché de Vilar Formoso €1,849
  • Leiria. More expensive Repsol AS Monte Redondo motorway €2,184; cheapest Intermarché de Óbidos €1,858
  • Lisbon. More expensive BP Xabregas €2,199 ; cheapest Intermarché Silveira €1,979
  • Portalegre. More expensive Repsol Autoestrada AS Caia €2,177 ; cheapest Intermarché de Ponto de Sor €1,979
  • Harbor. Most expensive BP São João de Brito €2,199 ; cheapest generic Pagripacense €1,975
  • Santarém. More expensive BP A15 Rio Maior €2,184 ; cheapest Intermarché de Ferreira do Zêzere €1,979
  • Setúbal More expensive Alves Bandeira de Passil €2,159; cheapest Intermarché de Santiago do Cacém €1,921
  • Viana do Castelo. More expensive Cepsa A28 Viana do Castelo €2,184 ; cheapest Intermarché de Valença €1,985
  • Real Village. More expensive BP A4 Vila Real €2,199; cheapest generic Maxi-Ha pumps €1,969
  • Viseu. More expensive Repsol A25 Viseu €2,174; cheapest Intermarché de Oliveira de Frades €1,929

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