Fuels: Prices will drop from this Monday

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 4, 2022
Updated 2022/07/04 at 12:17 AM

Another week and again expectation to find out if fuel prices go up or down. As mentioned here, the Government will maintain the tax cut during the months of July and August.

This week fuel prices will come down. Find out what the expected price is.

Fuels: Diesel should cost 1,986 euros and gasoline 2,071 euros

The price of fuel will undergo another change from this Monday. The Government will extend the reduction of the Tax on Petroleum Products over the next two months. The measures approved by the Council of Ministers will represent a decrease of 28.2 cents per liter for diesel and 32.1 cents per liter for gasoline, which is close to current values.

According to indications, a liter of simple diesel will again cost less than two euros. According to calculations, the price of diesel should fall to 1,986 euros. Simple gasoline 95 should drop to 2,071 euros.

Fuels: Prices will drop from this Monday

It should be remembered that the evolution of costs depends, however, on each filling station, the brand and the area where it is located.

In order to make available to the public the fuel prices charged at filling stations, and that their knowledge may constitute a weighting factor in the consumer's choice and, in this way, also boost competition, was created, by Decree-Law 243/2008, of 18 December, the Online Fuel Prices Portal.

In addition to prices, information on the location, opening hours and services available at each filling station is also available.

Fuels: Prices will drop from this Monday

This portal also makes it possible to calculate, on a daily basis and for each fuel sold, the average prices, allowing DGEG to make the necessary statistical calculations not only to fulfill Portugal's national and international obligations to report fuel sales prices to the public, but also obtain statistical information that allows the evaluation and support of the monitoring of policies and measures adopted in this area.

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