Fuels: You Won’t Believe It! Diesel goes up again… gasoline goes down

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/16 at 8:52 PM

Probably for many families it will not be easy to hold on for much longer. The smothering of fuel prices, combined with food increases, confirm that we are living in very difficult times.

If last week the rise in the price of diesel had been significant, now there is information that it will rise even more.. Gasoline drops a little.

Diesel goes up 4 cents per liter and gasoline will go down 2 cents

The price of fuel will undergo further changes as of Monday. If many expected diesel to go down, unfortunately we have bad news. According to SIC, gasoline will go down and diesel will go up next week.

According to the channel, diesel will rise by 4 cents per liter, while gasoline should fall by 2 cents per liter.

Fuels: You Won't Believe It!  Diesel goes down a little...gasoline goes up

According to the latest statement from the Ministry of Finance on the drop in the ISP, “the temporary global relief of the tax burden on fuel will total 21.8 cents per liter of diesel and 25.1 cents per liter of gasoline”. This descent took effect on June 6th and lasts at least until today. "The ISP unit rates now set are in effect for two weeks, with the readjustment being carried out again on June 17", the Ministry of Finance then informed.

The last ISP cut, announced by the Government on June 3, was set until June 17, tomorrow.

In international markets, oil touched US$125 a barrel on Tuesday (in the Brent index), having then dropped to around US$118 this Thursday morning.

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