Galaxy S22: Samsung uses surprising new material

Deepak Gupta February 7, 2022
Updated 2022/02/07 at 1:25 PM

The Korean smartphone manufacturer wants to use a surprisingly different material for its products in the future. The planned Samsung Galaxy S22 should mark the beginning of a reform of old production lines.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Turn old into new

As The Verge writes, there have been all sorts of leaks about Samsung’s new flagship smartphone segment. There was always talk of a “new material” to be used for the Galaxy S22.

In fact, the smartphone manufacturer is daring to do something that is still new territory, at least for the big names in the industry: recycling. As Samsung announces, they want to recycle plastics from the ocean in the future. The company speaks of fishing nets that float in the oceans as so-called ghost nets.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is said to be the first device to also consist of components made from recycled plastic. In a further step, Samsung also wants to equip other devices in its range with recycled materials and thus gradually adapt its production lines.

Technology and environmental compatibility

A report by the Food and Argriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations shows that around 640,000 tons of these ghost nets endanger maritime life in the world’s oceans.

In a statement, Samsung said such networks pose a threat to ecological balance that is progressing at an “alarming rate”. Therefore, the Korean manufacturer wants to collect and reuse the nets.

February 9 at the latest will show how important it really is for the smartphone manufacturer. The Samsung Galaxy S22, which consists partly of recycled plastic, is also to be presented on this day. How much of it is recycled remains to be seen.

Official material already shows the design of the new smartphone. In addition, a leak already revealed what the device can really do.

Sources: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, The Verge

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