Galaxy S22 Ultra – See durability tests and what the device looks like inside

Deepak Gupta February 15, 2022
Updated 2022/02/15 at 8:17 PM

Samsung has just revealed the prices of the Galaxy S22 line for Brazil. The top of the line model Galaxy S22 Ultra 512GB arrives in national territory for R$ 10,499. The premium model is a considerable value and comes with a special camera suite that offers jaw-dropping levels of detail at 30x Zoom. Surely you must also imagine how the composition of the cameras inside the device was, in addition to its durability in resistance tests.

The specialized channel PBK Reviews took the Galaxy S22 Ultra and carried out a battery of tests to verify the device, in addition to disassembling it to check the interior design built by Samsung.


In the durability test the Ultra easily withstood submersion in waterremaining more than 1 minute submerged in water and working perfectly afterwards, as expected due to the IP68 certificate.

The surprise in the durability tests is the scratch resistance. While the S22 and S22+ models had their screens scratched from the hardness degree 8 on the Mohs scale (a scale that evaluates the strength of materials), the Ultra model began to show soft scratches on the canvas from hardness grade 6 onwards. All models use Gorilla Glass Victus+ protection, considered the best on the market, but the Ultra model, curiously proved to be less resistant than the other devices.

Even with Gorilla Glass Victus+ protection, the S22 Ultra showed lower scratch resistance than the S22 and S22+

The Galaxy S22 Ultra also resisted a “run over”, with the car’s front and rear tires passing over the smartphone screen. As a result, the device showed no scratches or flaws on the display and no problems with its curvature. GSMarena points out that the reason for lower scratch resistance, even with the same screen protector, could be due to screen curvature. However, nothing has been confirmed by Samsung so far.

Interior Design

In the other video published by PBK Reviews, you can follow the process of opening and disassembling the complete device. With the images, you can see how the entire architecture of the device is designed to occupy the least amount of space possible.

It is interesting to note how the quad rear camera array is positioned on the device. In the video we follow step by step how all the components are removed, in much of the structure, the company used resources such as adhesive tape to make it difficult to remove the parts, ensuring the cohesion of the structure.


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Source: gsmarena, PBK Reviews

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