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Deepak Gupta June 1, 2022
Updated 2022/06/01 at 2:13 PM

The console and video game market has been attracting fans since the 70’s and with that a lot of material is being forgotten in the drawers, losing the interest of some users, but gaining the interest of others.

Thus was born, a classifieds website and marketplace dedicated to gaming items (new and used). Both individuals and companies can advertise games, consoles, events, services, among others.

If access to consoles and video games is now facilitated and it is even possible to buy games without leaving the couch, before the turn of the century it was not quite like that. Everything was more important given the greater difficulty of access, the exclusives had more value and each game was “squeezed” even more.

Currently, the retrogaming market and used gaming in general continues to be of interest to specific users, who sometimes find it difficult to find what they are looking for, or even to find the appropriate place to sell something that is already expendable to them.

How was born

O is a 100% Portuguese project that was born in April 2022 with the purpose of being the main classifieds and marketplace site in Portugal.

It’s a project by Nuno Matos, Systems and Computer Engineer and with several trainings in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and was born from the combination of his vast experience in Marketing acquired in the development of several reference online platforms, both national and international companies, with their passion for gaming. is a website totally dedicated to gaming items, both new and used, including games, current and retro consoles, gaming PCs and hardware, accessories, merchandising, collectibles, among others. In addition, it also plans to mediate services related to gaming and even list and promote events in this area.

It currently has more than 2600 ads.

How it works

On, all types of ads for consoles, games and related articles can be published for the various recent and retrogaming platforms and for all types of users, from casual gamers, through professional gamers and even game collectors. , consoles and collectibles.

The products are listed in their respective categories, where you can find categories like Nintendo, PlayStation, XBOX, ATARI, SEGA, PC Gaming, Mobile Gaming, Online Gaming, or others. Other types of games are also listed, such as Board Games, Cards, including events and services.

It’s simple to create an ad

After registration, the functionality to create an ad allows you to choose between 8 possibilities, which do not necessarily involve a business. Users can even register ads of the “Buy” type, an inverted ad that is registered by those interested in buying something specific, who will then be contacted by sellers who have that item for sale.

The rest is simple and intuitive, just choose and fill in according to what you want.

A completely free service

The viewing and registration of gaming articles used on is free, which can be used both by individuals and by gaming companies/stores and related articles.

In the case of companies, it will be necessary to activate their account by paying an activation fee, and then they can upgrade to a Premium account to also register new gaming items. The registration of used vehicles is completely free for individuals and companies with active accounts, who can test the website for free until the end of the year, under a launch campaign that was, however, extended until the end of June.

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