“Germany’s next top model”: Heidi Klum still has to learn something

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 4:02 AM

In the third episode of “Germany’s next top model” (always Thursdays, 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben), the trailer for the show will be shot.

This time the girls have to rehearse a dance for it – but not only them. “I’m so happy, because this week it’s going to be super difficult! Not just for you, but for me,” announces Heidi Klum (48). She is of course the star of the “GNTM” trailer and has to dance as this at the forefront. So she joins her offspring and studies the choreography with them.

No styling, no makeup

The photo shoot for the poster campaign for the season also has another challenge in store for the models: there is no styling and no make-up! “I look like a mob,” says Liselotte (66) – struggling with her hair. “I have acne!” says Lou-Anne (18) – worried. And Yasmin (23) is annoyed: “I should have imitated my eyebrows!”

In front of the lens of Heidi’s favorite photographer Rankin (56), the girls and women try to show their natural beauty “despite everything”. They appear in groups of seven women and are supposed to stage themselves decoratively on a simple scaffolding. Not everyone is convincing. “You just stand there,” Rankin admits, disappointed by a group. “The others have come up with more ideas…”, the boss also complains.

The ten best are then allowed to start shooting, including the over-ambitious Sophie (18), who has finally achieved something of what she set out to do. Lou-Anne, who started with her mother, is also happy to have prevailed: “Mom was the best last week, now I’ve got something here!” It’s a very special one for Barbara (68). Honor to be part of the opening credits of the new season. “I am so happy for my grandchildren and children. […] They’ll definitely be very proud when they see me.” After all, the women all cut a fine figure during the windy shoot on, above and in the sea. Sophie enthusiastic: “I was just in my element! It felt like I did what I was born to do!”

“It just pisses me off”

While some live their dream, the girls who stayed behind practice posing. And the clawing. Because there is only one camera and the sun does not shine forever in Mykonos either, they soon get into a fight. “I’ve got a slow throat – it pisses me off,” says Jasmin, who just can’t get it. “So at some point it’s good, my face!” With Juliana (24), however, worries are taking over. She’s always been in the worst groups and isn’t sure if she’ll get through to the next round – but she quit her job especially for the show. “So if I’m thrown out, I’m actually left with nothing.” At least she gets a nice Polaroid picture of herself – which she prefers to hang on her bed than to bring Heidi with her the next day.

For the Illumination Walk the next day, the candidates are allowed to walk down the disco catwalk in extravagant Christian Cowan clothes and do a little dance at the same time. Vanessa (29) is given a very special honor: she is allowed to wear a dress that Heidi Klum once presented on the catwalk of the digital New York Fashion Week. The designer himself is also present as a juror and makes the women’s hearts beat faster.

Lieselotte, who is equipped with a catsuit that Kylie Jenner (24) has already worn, would love to adopt this “nice young man” and whispers in his ear during the fitting: “I like you!” Lenara (24) blushes, when the designer compliments her on her glow. “Yes… it’s a good feeling…” she says happily. And at the latest when he kneels in front of Juliana to cut the slit in her dress a little higher, it happened to her too: “I really fell in love. He looks so good…”

Kristina falls – again

Above all, he wants women to wear his clothes with self-confidence. Which some succeed, but not all. Kristina (21) apparently wants to get off the catwalk as quickly as possible and does her “signature move” again: she falls. “She always does that,” Heidi explains to the designer with a sigh, who aptly states: “But that’s impractical.” Consequently, Klum no longer has a photo for her and Lisa-Marie (22) also has to leave the party at the point. However, the model goddess means well with Juliana: Despite the super shaky gait and the lack of a photo, she is allowed to stay.


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