Get ready for summer vacation with these gadgets and appliances

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 19, 2022
Updated 2022/07/19 at 6:47 PM

Despite the fact that many people already have a tan that makes them jealous, the truth is that for most of them the summer holidays will still have to wait a few more weeks. Even so, the afternoons and weekends are perfect to invite friends for a snack, to see a movie or just to have a drink.

It is with this in mind that today we bring you a suggestion of some gadgets that could make a difference.

Wanbo T2R Max 1080P Compact Projector

With the nights hot as they have been, even in the backyard you can watch a good movie with the help of a projector. Xiaomi Wanbo T2R Max is an LED projector with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and supports the most common formats including 4K. It allows reaching 120" of projection, at a distance of about 3 meters. It has a contrast of 2000:1 and a brightness of 350 ANSI.

It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, as well as connecting to an external sound system, although it comes with two 3W speakers. It has an HDMI connection and a USB 3.0 connection. It should also be noted that it has an integrated Android operating system, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

O Wanbo T2R Max 1080P projector is available for €177.64, using the discount code BGZCJ143. Shipping is done from a European warehouse, with fast and free delivery.

Wanbo T2R Max 1080P

BlitzHome BH-IM2 ice machine

Most people have a fridge-freezer at home and, as a result, have little space for freezing. Having ice ready at all times is therefore difficult, and the storage solutions are not the best, either the bags or the cuvettes that come in the freezer itself.

So, for always fresh drinks, this BlitzHome BH-IM2 automatic ice machine promises to make 9 ice cubes in just 7 to 15 minutes. Crystal clear, firm and thick ice is guaranteed for slow melting. The ice cubes are 11 x 24 x 32 mm in size.

THE BlitzHome BH-IM2 ice machine can be purchased on sale for just €94.74. Shipping is done from European warehouse.

BlitzHome BH-IM2

BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 espresso machine

The day for many of us only really starts after a good espresso. Do you use capsule machines? Admittedly, it is a practical system, but nothing compares to a good espresso from a traditional machine. And for those who were used to going to the pastry shop to drink coffee in the middle of the morning, believe me that this is much more similar than coffee in a capsule.

In addition to the taste, there is still the environmental factor, since discarding coffee grounds or reuse for composting, as well as recycling a 250g package of already ground coffee, is much simpler and more efficient.

The BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 is a 20 Bar espresso machine, with a handle for two coffees at the same time. In addition, it has an accessory to heat up the steam, which allows, for example, to froth the milk, for a good cappuccino.

The water tank is located at the back of the machine and on top there is a plate that helps keep cups warm. Control is done through an electronic panel on the front.

THE BlitzWolf BW-CMM2 espresso machine is available at a huge discount, for just €75.99, using the discount code BG352782. Also in this case, the shipment is made from a European warehouse.

BlitzWolf BW-CMM2

Smart Air Fryer BlitzHome BH-AF2

And to make snacks much healthier and quickly, you should consider having an air fryer, or better yet, an air fryer, which can be fully controlled via the app.

You can, for example, place the food you want to cook ready-made in the Air fryer BlitzHome BH-AF2 and, at any time and anywhere, start the machine, adjust the temperature, switch off the machine or adjust the time. In addition, the app includes several programs dedicated to different preparations.

There is also an LED panel for direct, tactile control. The machine offers a maximum of 360º hot air circulation and the basket is detachable for easier cleaning. It has a capacity of 5 liters and a power of 1500W.

THE Smart AirFryer BlitzHome BH-AF2 is available for €78.29, with the discount code BG53cc0b. In this and in all other cases, the shipment is made from a European warehouse, with fast and safe delivery.

BlitzHome BH-AF2

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