Globo increases price of Globoplay on the eve of BBB22

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 17, 2022
Updated 2022/01/17 at 9:46 PM

No ads, the Globe increased the price of Globoplay this Monday (17). The communication conglomerate took advantage of the debut of Big Brother Brasil 22 to attract new subscribers at a higher price. Now, Globoplay starts to cost basically BRL 24.90, two reais more than the previous value.

It is worth remembering that the adjustment is not valid for former customers. This is because Globo promised that it would not adjust the price in a marketing campaign in 2021, after Netflix raised its monthly fee. Through a post on Instagram, Globo’s streaming platform nudged the competitor, saying it makes no sense to raise prices at a time ‘when everything is expensive’ and assured users that its price readjustments will only be in 2023.

However, the change in value is only valid for the basic plan, which previously cost R$ 22.90. For example, when subscribing to Globoplay + live channels (which guarantees all channels of the Globo group), it still costs R$ 49.90. It’s worth remembering that they all get Deezer and AppleTV+. The basic plan, but paid annually, is discounted by 13%. Therefore, the subscriber pays 12x R$19.90, totaling R$238.80.

Big Brother Brasil’s big bet in 2022, Big Brother Brasil will have 11 exclusive cameras and mosaics for those who want to see everything about the program 24 hours a day. In addition, the online programs made by Gshow will also be broadcast there, with command of Rafa Kalimann, Ana Clara Lima and Rhudson Victor.

January releases

Big Brother Brasil is January’s big bet on Globoplay. But it doesn’t stop there, this month the streaming will feature the arrival of the fourth season of the exclusive series One Million Things and the American comedy Girls5Eva.

Other highlights are the soap operas Da Cor do Pecado and Pecado Capital, which will be available on Globoplay from January 3rd and 31st, respectively. In addition, a special New Year’s episode of Doctor Who will air on the 1st and the documentary series O Canto Livre de Nara Leão, which will tell the story of the national singer, will enter the catalog on January 7th.


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