Gmail Account Locked: 8 Ways to Access Your Google Gmail Account Again

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2022
Updated 2022/01/24 at 8:18 PM

Gmail Account Locked, follow these steps to access your gmail accounts again.

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We can easily assume that most people who use an account, gmail mail my google gmail account, mail should use a gmail account. The dominance of Android smartphones across the globe has further increased the usage of gmail accounts among users. This is so because you need a Gmail account to use an Android smartphone. However, there are times when you lose/forget your password. gmail account and all eyes are broken.

Whenever you encounter a situation where your gmail account is locked, you need to follow some steps to reactivate it. It is advisable not to panic and act absurdly.

The steps mentioned below can help you unlock your google gmail accounts.

Use your phone number to log in instead of a password

Try using your phone number to log in to your gmail account instead of a password. Using your phone number will ensure you don’t forget it because you have your phone number in your memory.

Keep a recovery email ID or phone number

Sometimes when you get stuck on your gmail account, you will have the option to send a password or OTP details to an email id or recovery phone number. You must ensure that the recovery email account or phone number must be in active use.

Try using the location you usually log in from

If you usually use your gmail account from a specific location, try to connect from that specific location. The location can be your workplace or your home depending on your email usage. Try using the same browser you normally use to access your email account.

Answer Google security questions to recover your gmail accounts

If you have a bit of patience in yourself, this particular step will definitely work. Just try to remember the answers to your security questions configured later when setting up your gmail account. Try to answer all of them without skipping any. It’s okay if you’re not sure about any of the questions.

Try your old google gmail account password

Sometimes using an old password can help. Therefore, try to remember/write down your old password.

Try to remember when you opened your google gmail account

Try to remember what year you opened the gmail account. This is so because Google may ask you the year in which the account became functional.

Use your android device to unlock your google gmail account

You can use your Android device to verify that the person trying to log into the account was you. After verification, you can change the password of your Gmail account at your convenience.

Using an iPhone or iPad to check

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you are already signed in to the device. You can verify that it is you and not someone else who is using your google gmail account. If you want to change your password for convenience, you can.

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