Godzilla Goes to Television in New MonsterVerse Series for Apple TV+

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 9:04 PM

Since the franchise reboot Godzilla and King Kong in 2014, the Legendary Pictures has been seeking to develop its cinematographic universe MonsterVerse in a similar way to MCU. The company has already made several movies with the monsters, even put them to fight in Godzilla vs Kong, now she’s expanding her universe’s story even further in a new series that will be exclusive to Apple TV+.

According to information obtained by the portal deadline, the program plot is will pass after a battle that took place between the King of the Monsters and other Titans who ended up revealing information about a secret organization called the monarch. But who is following the films of the MonsterVerse know that the monarch has been a very present organization in the stories.

in the universe of Godzilla The monarch is a multinational organization that carries out the work of research and treatment of MUTOs (massive unidentified terrestrial organisms). The story will then take place before the more recent movies, showing a family discovering their secrets linked to the world famous organization.

Credits: Legendary Pictures Disclosure

The series will be produced by Legendary Television and directed by showrunners Chris Black, famous for Outcast, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Matt Fraction, who is best known for his comics made for the Marvel. Unfortunately, neither the producer nor the apple gave a lot of information about the cast that will be part of the program.

The desire and development to expand the MonsterVerse for a series happened shortly after Godzilla v. kong have become a blockbuster, even during the pandemic. THE Legendary is currently working on a sequel to the saga’s films and has managed to toho, which owns the Godzilla character, a license to also expand the stories into a series.

That will be the first live-action series set in Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse, it is not yet clear how the company will carry out the work, nor if it will be the only one to show the Godzilla or the King Kong.


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Source: deadline, Engadget

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