Goodbye South Africa: This is how the stars say goodbye to the jungle camp

Deepak Gupta February 7, 2022
Updated 2022/02/07 at 2:28 PM

The jungle camp is over. Before heading back home, most of the campers celebrated one last party together. They published photos together and their thoughts on the last few weeks on Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, jungle king Filip Pavlovic (27) shared a picture with Krone and wrote that he was overwhelmed and had “simply the best community and nothing in the world can describe how grateful I am for your support.” Tara was also in front of the mountains of South Africa Tabitha (28) back in the camp. She was the first to be voted out by the audience, but now posed in the arms of King Filip.

Funny group photos

But there were not only individual photos at this last meeting: Jasmin Herren (43) posted several group photos on which almost all candidates can be seen. “You are all somehow unique,” she writes nostalgically about a picture in which everyone pulls a funny face. In a video a few hours earlier, she also wrote that she was a little nostalgic about the last day at the camp.

Tina Ruland (55) also said goodbye to the jungle camp adventure via social media: In a picture with the king, the actress writes that she is very happy for Filip, “who was a gentleman to me from day one. Thank you for your bed when I didn’t have one.” Previously, she had posted a photo of her personal highlight: her experience in the “coffin with the 78 snakes”. “I never thought that I could survive that and also answer questions,” says Ruland.

Anouschka Renzi sees her fee as compensation for pain and suffering

Apparently Anouschka Renzi (57) and Harald Glööckler (56) were not at this last party. Renzi announced on Instagram around the same time that she was shocked at the one-sided portrayal of her in a continuous loop. “But there’s compensation for that,” concludes the actress.


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