Google announces $1 billion investment in Indian phone company

Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 7:19 AM

THE Google announced on its official blog a very generous investment in Barthi Airtel, an Indian telecommunications company that is the second largest in the country in this segment. Investing a total of US$1 billion, the US company will take 1.28% of the shares for US$700 million, while using the remaining US$300 million to implement trade agreements for the next five years. The investment objective is to expand digital inclusion in India.

Google and the 1.3 billion Indian market

In 2020 the Google had already created the “Google for Digitization of India” fund, aimed at helping the country’s rapid digital change, creating more accessible internet access for the population, helping companies of all sizes to enter the digital journey and using artificial intelligence to solve the social challenges of India. Now, with this new investment and equity stake in Barthi AirtelThe Google takes another step in its project to expand the internet in the country, whose population exceeds 1.3 billion people.

Source: Disclosure/Bharti Airtel.

The first play of Google with the Indian telecommunication company will be increasing the offer of services and mobile devices. To facilitate the population’s access to smartphonesThe Google will develop new business models to grow the ecosystem of android devices at India. Apparently, the company wants to make the android phones cheapest in the country. Along with this, the technology giant will also expand the 5G connection in the Asian country in partnership with telephone company. Currently, the Barthi Airtel already use a platform Google for your 5G network architecture. not bad to deliver the smartphones for a lower price and still develop 5G network.

A commercial action that will be carried out in this first step, according to the statement, is to create “accessible programs for devices”. The idea seems to be to offer subscriptions to plans with discounts on cell phones, similar to what some companies already do here in Brazil. One difference is that India has more market.


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Via: Android Central Source: Google

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