Google Chrome for desktop gets Journeys feature to help resume past searches and adds new Chrome actions

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 10:22 AM

Google Chrome is getting a bunch of new features. The desktop version of the web browser is getting a new feature called Journeys, which allows users to revisit topics they previously searched for. Also, Chrome is bringing new Chrome actions to the browser. Also, Google has added new Chrome widgets for Android. With Journeys, the search giant helps organize your browsing history, eliminating the process of manually trying to find previously viewed pages. Users can access Journeys by visiting their browser’s history page or typing a related word into the address bar. Chrome will then display a resume your search option with a list of sites you have visited before.

Google on Feb 8 announced adding new features to Chrome via a blog post. With the Journeys feature, users can pick up their search journey where they left off and organize the pages they visit based on their topic or category. According to the Google blog, typing a related word into the search bar or visiting the Chrome History Journeys page will give you the option to resume your search. It will display a list of relevant websites that you visited days or weeks ago.

The option to delete Journeys or disable the feature at any time is also available. Users can also exclude specific sites from their journeys. None of them will also be saved to your Google Account. Google said it will work to add Journeys across multiple devices. Journeys is being released on all Chrome desktop browsers in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

In addition to journeys, Google has added new Chrome actions to allow users to perform more tasks directly from Chrome’s address bar. manage settings, Customize Chrome, See your Chrome history, Manage Accessibility Settings, share this guideand Play Chrome Dino game are the important new Chrome Actions announced for Google. This will help people sort things out quickly via the address bar.

Finally, Google also released new Chrome widgets for Android. With this widget, users can launch a text search, voice search, lens search or open an incognito tab on the home screen without opening Chrome. It also brings a shortcut to play Chrome Dino game. Google claims that widgets can be added by long-pressing the Chrome icon and selecting widgets.

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