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Deepak Gupta December 7, 2021
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Web browsers are responsible for our interacting with any internet site. Its function is to access, retrieve and interpret the information to display it on our computers or mobile devices. It is important not to confuse the terminologies: browser with search engine. The main difference is that the browser refers to the installed program that allows us to access the internet, while the search engine is the one who performs the online access via URL in a search engine.

There are several examples of browsers used in the world such as: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari or the Google Chrome web browser. Being this one of the most used in the world according to statistics obtained thanks to NetMarketShare indicate that 7 out of 10 computers around the planet use Chrome to access the internet. In the following article we will learn more about the google chrome web browser and its main features.

What is the Google Chrome Web Browser?

Google Chrome web browser

As its name indicates, Google Chrome is a web browser created by the Google company, which is developed under open source policies. Thanks to the smart built-in functions of the Google search engine, it allows with a single click to perform translations, fast searches and personalization of articles. It takes care of the integrity and security of the user, avoiding identity theft and risky websites.

Due to these and many other functionalities that currently integrate it, it is considered the most used browser on the web and is available for free under proprietary or free software standards, also having several distribution channels and having as its main goal to provide security, speed and stability to your interaction with websites.

Launch of Google Chrome

The launch of Chrome was obtained starting from Chromium (the free software project with which said browser was developed), the latter being the name of the project and Google Chrome the name of the product. On September 2, 2008 the beta version was released and on the 11th of the same month it became a stable and affordable version for all users.

Main advantages of the Google Chrome web browser

There are many features that it has, but the ones that most attract users are security and speed. Enabling its incognito mode we can navigate without fear that other users of the same device see or connect to places where we have been. In addition, it allows all cookies and data entered on any website are not stored on the device, saving the available space on the PC for this function and allowing it to be used on other websites of our preference. In addition, it offers us the possibility of navigating in several tabs simultaneously that are executed in the so-called Sandbox. It should be noted its impressive search engine developed with javascript v8, faster and more efficient than in other browsers.

Another of its main characteristics is synchronization. You only need a google account to have the same configuration on all your devices. It does not matter if you use MacOS in your work and in your Android home you can synchronize your bookmarks, extensions, passwords and even your search history. The options can be configured in the account synchronization menu where you can select what you want to share on all your devices.

Google Chrome Features

Secure browsing

One of its main goals was to always offer its users safe browsing. This was achieved through automatic updates and bug tracking system. Alerting the user on each site if you are about to visit a suspicious web link or that may contain malicious software.


To emphasize speed, the engine developed in javascript v8 was designed, which has proven to be faster than that used in other browsers.


It allows us to keep our information private regarding the visit to websites, you just have to choose the option to do it incognito when opening a new window. In this way, the website can save information about your visit, but when you close the incognito tab, all cookies from the sites you have visited will be deleted.

Visual themes

The user has the possibility to add and change visual themes in the interface. It includes a gallery of themes that can be edited depending on your needs and tastes. In addition to having a preview of how the new interface will look.

Instant Bookmarks

On the right side of the site address is a star icon that allows you with just one click bookmark the visited website. This option is used to access said site in a faster way or to remember a web page without having to write it down.

Direct access to different applications

To start a web application in the same Google Chrome window, click on the tab menu and select the option to create shortcut. While there you just have to locate your favorite application that will appear on your computer’s desktop and you can start it online from said browser.

Simpler downloads

To download a file of interest, the process is very simple with the Chrome browser. You just have to click on the link to start downloading it, then the progress bar at the top shows the download process step by step, when you finish you can drag it to place it on the Desktop or where you want to place it.

Instant search from web browser

At the moment you are typing the name of a site you want to search for, the address has an automatic completion due to synchronization with the Google search engine. This option is enabled from the Settings menu.


It is one of the few web browsers that allow knowing where the user is located by extensions related to Google Maps.

Multi platform

Chrome is currently available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS and you can use it in more than 50 languages.

Market share history

Since the launch of Chrome to the market, user participation has remained low. As users interacted with the browser, the number of customers increased considerably. According to statistics in February 2010 it was shown that there was an interaction of 6116 users per hour. Since then the only setback was in July of the same year where it fell by 0.08%. But already in September 2013 it had reached 43% of global shares, becoming the most used web browser in the world.

Google Chrome shortcomings

Despite its fame, it has been heavily criticized by the search suggestion service for submitting terms to Google before hitting the Enter key. This allows the search control to reveal a history associated with the user’s ip address. In addition, the use of extensions outside the Google store is not allowed.


Google Chrome is essentially a browser that combines design and technology. With this, provide speed, security and simplicity in web browsing, which is why it has earned itself to be one of the most used browsers on the planet. So much so that it is an application that always comes by default in most of the OS package to facilitate interaction on the web for its users. Bringing you simplicity and efficiency in each of your searches. If you haven’t had the experience with it yet, feel free to download it and try it out for yourself.

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