Google Chrome will allow manual addition of passwords

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 9:46 AM

For many users the Google Chrome not only serves as a browser but also as a password manager, but the Google has several limitations to play this role. Now the developer is focused on improving the experience in your browser for those who want to save their password in it, adding long-awaited features, such as possibility to save passwords manually.

The fact that passwords can only be saved when it is suggested by the program is something that greatly disturbs some users, now, according to information from the Android Police, this is finally being resolved. The portal points out that the latest stable version of Chrome already has a flag (chrome://flags/#add-passwords-in-settings) for the user to add a password for login by himselfhowever, this feature is hidden in the browser.

With this novelty, users, knowing that they will access a site with a certain frequency, will be able to register her login and password even before accessing it for the first time. By all indications, this feature is almost ready to be integrated into the Google Chromethen possibly it should be available for use in the next browser updates.

Credits: Google Disclosure

This possibility of saving a password before entering the site was first found by the user of the reddit /Leopeva64-2, who realized that in Chrome Canary 101 already had a feature that could be used to save passwords. This possibility is nothing new, the vast majority of current major browsers already allow it, so the Google it’s just running out of time.

Although not new, this feature can be very useful for users of the most popular browser in the world, who are getting more functionality so they don’t have to change programs.

One question that was not very clear is how this process for registering a new password will be carried out, but it is very possible that it stays in the browser settingsalong with the “autocomplete” options.


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Source: Engadget, Android Police

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