Google Lens on desktop gets new features for image search

Deepak Gupta April 16, 2022
Updated 2022/04/16 at 8:53 AM

With Google Lens, the search giant has completely changed the landscape of what it offers and with some new features. This is much more than a search for images, broadening it and giving it context and important additional information.

Of course, Google continues to invest in its development and this can now be seen in Lens. On the desktop, important novelties began to exist that further enhance what is offered by this research proposal.

Although not to everyone's liking, Google Lens has arrived on Google's desktop and browser. Now, and if a search is made for an image, everything will be forwarded to this proposal from the search giant, with other features.

To further improve this proposal, Google has now brought some improvements to the desktop version available. These seek to make this tool more useful and more adjusted to what Lens users want and need.

Google Lens search news images

So, and anyone who uses the new image search in Chrome or another platform, will immediately see the news. These are already present at the bottom of the results page and allow the user to choose the search, text or translator.

The names given to these new features are self-explanatory and allow you to immediately understand what each of these functions brings. The search is already known to everyone and allows you to quickly find the images and where they are being used.

Google Lens search news images

In addition to this, we also have the Text and Translation option. Of course, the first one detects and converts the text present in the image, and any area can be chosen. The translation also converts the present text into the language that the user chooses.

These are interesting and important news from Google for Lens and for your search. They make this feature more useful and with even more capabilities, which users can explore very quickly and very directly.

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