Google Pay could become a digital wallet, with the right to cryptocurrencies

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 12:50 PM

THE Google is trying harder and harder to make the Google Pay the most comprehensive wallet application possible, managing to meet all users’ needs. Currently, the digital wallet of the owner of the android already has support for several features, such as the registration of the vaccination card against COVID-19, now the developer may be wanting to expand functionality to include cryptocurrency payments.

THE Bloomberg reports that the tech giant has hired Arnold Goldberg, formal executive of the PayPay, to help the company offer an even wider range of financial resources through the android. Initially, the company should not bring virtual currencies to the platform yet, but it isAnalyzing the current virtual currency market to see evolving demand.

If Google believe it is a good idea to bring cryptocurrency support in Google Pay, the company must offer financial services from giants in the area such as Coinbase and BitPay. Officially, the research giant has not yet officially announced that it intends to bring this novelty in the future, but the portals Bloomberg and XDA-Developers had information about the interests of the company.

Credits: Clay Banks on Unsplash

This company’s interest in bringing more payment options aims to bring more people to the company’s digital portfolio, which still blew up with the public. Only in India was the company’s application a certain success, but in the rest of the world it is still far behind Apple Pay, but that not only offers a place to add cards, but also own resources such as credit cards and financial products.

The President of Commerce Google, Bill Ready, even talked a little about the future of the company’s digital wallet, which aims to “create connections”. The platform hopes to bring even more news, in addition to vaccine passports, the company also intends to integrate digital tickets into the app, to make the user’s life easier, for example, when using a bus.

With these features coming in the future, the Google hope the Google Pay starts to be used more, but until then the company has a long way to go to officially compete with the Apple Pay.


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Source: Bloomberg, XDA-Developers, PhoneArena

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