Google plans to launch an augmented reality device in 2024

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 1:29 AM

THE Google worked on creating augmented reality devices for years, but the company abandoned the Daydream VR and it looked like her onslaught in the AR / VR area would stay there. But recently it has been investing more and more in this area and now a new leak indicates that the company is developing a new headset to be launched in 2024.

According to information obtained by The Verge, the company will use its own chipset to power your new headset, which will feature outward-facing tracking cameras. The wearable device will run from the android, but the company can develop a system based on it to better fit the glasses.

THE Google hopes to use this stand-alone device, which does not need a computer to function, will compete in the market with solutions from Goal and apple. THE Project Iris, which is how the headset is called internally in the company, you can count on rcloud-based rendering to overcome the limitations of processing in a headphone and is expected to be released in 2024.

Credits: Playback / Engadget

This project is top secret within the tech giant and is being overseen by the Clay Bavor, manager of the 3D telepresence booth at Project Starline, which should also be launched in 2024. The team has great names such as Scott Huffman, creator of Google Assistant, Shahram Izadi, manager of ARCore, and Mark Lukovsky, former leader of in-house development of operating systems at Meta.

The smartphone division is believed to pixel company is also involved in some of the headset hardware. The development of the augmented reality headset by Google would still be, supposedly, at the very beginning, which may suggest that the device may be delayed to be revealed.

The investments of Google in the area of ​​augmented and virtual reality headsets and software is a way for the company to remain prepared for any market that may exist with these technologies in the future. As mentioned earlier in the text, the Goal and the apple are developing their own AR/VR solutions, but in addition to them, several other companies are preparing to enter this area.


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Source: Engadget, The Verge

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