Google returning to tablets? Company is hiring an engineer for its division

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 11:10 PM

Heads up! If you are looking for a senior engineering manager position and have experience in electronics development and android tablets, The Google could be your next home… But come on, the news is actually not the job vacancy, but what’s between the lines of the post. This announcement is a sign that the Google is returning to the market tablets.

The future of computing is powerful tablets

Who said that above was not the one who writes to you, but the Google in the job description. “We believe the future of computing is moving to tablets more powerful and capable”, says the second paragraph of the section “about work”.

THE Google already had two tablets in your portfolio. The first was the Pixel C, launched in 2015 to showcase the capabilities of Android operating system (OS) in tablets. In 2018, it was the turn of the Mountain View giant to launch the Pixel Slate. The first tablet was discontinued in December 2017, while the second saw its end in January last year. THE slate abandoned the android to use the Chrome OS. The decision seemed more correct, even due to the fact that the new operating system is more friendly to the tablet: it fits in the middle ground between smartphone and notebook, being a better option even in the Chromebooks for those looking for a cheap option and more focused on browsing online.

Even with the “ok” result of the slate, it was discontinued along with two models that were still in development. In addition to “delivering what is possible today while aiming for what will be possible in the future”, another paragraph in the job description says that the Google is seeking to improve the support of the android on all platforms. It may be that the vacancy is, at first, to improve the android US tablets that rival the iPad. But in fact the chances for the Google get along with your own tablet are better now.

Knife and cheese in hand, or rather: OS and SoC in hand

Last year the Google launched its new line of its Pixel smartphones. The big news was the Google Tensor SoC, manufactured by the company itself. THE tensioner was praised as one of the strengths of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. There are also rumors that the Google is already working on the second generation of chip. Common ONLY suitable for the tablet (how was the slate like Chrome OS) and an evolution of the tensioner for the device, the company has the conditions to return to the market with a respected product. THE apple would not worry, given the experience in the segment, but the Samsung I would have to be smart.


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Via: Android Authority Source: 9to5 Google

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