Google warns: One thing could soon become dangerous for you

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 20, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 3:26 PM

Alongside Microsoft, Meta and other tech giants, Google also plays an important role on the antitrust stage. Competition authorities have been keeping an eye on the company for some time now and are now taking action. However, the group warns that a Google lawsuit, as it has now been formulated not only by the USA but also by the EU, also has a significant impact on the community. Kent Walker, President of Global Affairs at Google, even goes so far as to speak of health risks for users.

Google lawsuit comes with risks

In a lengthy post on the Google Blog, Walker addresses the issues he believes will follow the US Congress’s Google lawsuit. So the procedure is sometimes a shame for the technological leadership of the United States in an international comparison. Above all, the decision in Congress would harm the users of Google’s services.

After all, Google is able to “protect billions of people around the world from cyber attacks”. According to Walker, this is made possible by the company’s complex and extensive digital infrastructure. The same applies to the privacy of these people.

All in all, the Google lawsuit is more of a boost for competitors than for users. “We believe there could be real benefits in updating technology regulations in areas like privacy, AI, and protecting children and families,” Walker said. However, destroying the company’s products would not solve any of these problems.

Health consequences

The chief lawyer of the search engine group even goes so far as to warn of health risks for members of the community.

“When you go to Google search, you want to get the most helpful results. But these bills could prevent us from providing you with integrated, high-quality results – even if you prefer them – just because another company might offer competing answers. In short, we would have to favor outcomes that help competitors, even if they don’t help you.”

Kent Walker, President of Global Affairs & General Counsel at Google & Alphabet

For example, if someone has an urgent query, such as “stroke symptoms,” the Google lawsuit could prevent the search engine from providing immediate and clear information. Instead, people are forced to settle for low-quality results.

Source: Google blog

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