Gorillas: The delivery service and how it works simply explained

Deepak Gupta January 22, 2022
Updated 2022/01/22 at 5:35 AM

With gorillas came in delivery service of a different kind to the existing ones. He promises you to easily order groceries via the online app, which will then be delivered to your front door by bicycle couriers. Above all, the delivery times and prices of gorillas naturally play a role. We summarize below what could be decisive for you.

Gorillas: food delivery service in record time

With Gorilla’s delivery service, conventional groceries that you would otherwise get in the supermarket for your weekly shop are delivered to your front door within a few minutes. The eager bicycle couriers of the order service now cover most areas. And the provider also promises not to go overboard when it comes to prices.

The young start-up from Berlin has set itself the goal of bringing every customer their purchases home within ten minutes. All you have to do is add your favorite goods to your shopping basket and, of course, make your payment at the end of the order. In the following, we will explain what the whole thing looks like in detail with our simple instructions.

Order from Gorillas Lieferdienst: This is how it works step by step

So that you don’t feel like you’re in the discounter jungle with gorillas, we’ll explain how to proceed with your order. Of course, we cannot completely take away the choice of which of the delicious foods you ultimately choose. Nevertheless, we will take you on a first tour of the virtual store shelves and show you how to use your shopping cart. We will also show you which additional functions you can use up to and including payment.

You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in Gorillas

Once you’ve decided to try the gorillas app, the shelves of the online supermarket are already open to you. In the app you will find a wide variety of foods, which fortunately are already sorted according to categories such as “organic”.

In addition, you can even shop for fresh meat and fruit, as well as vegetables and other daily goods. Due to the short delivery time, you don’t have to worry that the ordered item will arrive as if it had been on its way for days. The bike couriers that you may have seen cruising around town during their shifts always do their best to get to you on time.

The shopping cart and impulse articles

As with a real purchase, with Gorillas Lieferdienst you can see your items again in the overview, i.e. the shopping cart. But this also offers you another advantage: the so-called impulse articles, with which you receive suggestions based on your previous selection of products (which in turn are in your shopping cart).

The automatically generated shopping suggestions usually make sense. For example, if there is muesli in your shopping cart, but the right milk is still missing, it will promptly be suggested to you as an impulse article. We pay attention to a balanced selection of products, so that in addition to commercially available UHT milk, soya alternatives and others are suggested.

Checkout and tip at Gorilla’s Delivery Service

Luckily, the last step to your food delivery is also done in a few seconds, because the payment process at Gorillas is just as unproblematic as the other steps before. To finally complete your order process, you only have to confirm the shopping cart and select one of the payment options. You can choose between paying by credit card, PayPal or Google Pay.

You also have the option of giving your bike courier a suitable tip. According to the provider, the drivers even receive this in full. The option is only revealed to you during the payment process and you can easily select a preset amount of one, two, four or even six euros, which will be added to your bill.

Conclusion: With the delivery service from Gorillas, not only the prices are right

Both the prices at Gorillas are completely reasonable for a delivery service and the simplicity with which you can have your favorite groceries delivered to your home in a very short time. In the spirit of online shopping, Gorillas makes it more convenient than ever for you and constant visits to the supermarket no longer disturb your everyday life. You can also find out from us which delivery services for groceries are still worthwhile. And we also clarify what you can do if your food doesn’t come from Lieferando.

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