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Deepak Gupta February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 10:03 PM

It’s official: Rockstar Games has “GTA 6” confirmed. This is where we’ll keep you updated on any updates the publisher releases through Rockstar Newswire. Below you will find all known leaks and rumors about the release period, the characters and the map.

GTA 6 Release: Development has officially begun

For years, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the release of “GTA 6”. The US developer officially confirmed the development of the title on Friday, February 4, 2022.

“Many of you have asked for a new installment in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series. With every new project, our aim is to go well beyond what we have delivered so far. We are pleased to confirm that active development of the next installment in the series has already begun.”

Rockstar Games (via Twitter)

An announcement from executives at developer Take 2 Interactive has already revealed that the companies may have scheduled the “GTA 6” release for 2023 or ’24.

So we previously reported on the well-known “GTA 6” rumors:

New Rockstar tender raises hope for “GTA 6”

“Rockstar is currently seeking an animation systems programmer,” reads a new job description from the acclaimed publisher. What is particularly interesting is that this should bring experiences with open worlds, as you would sometimes expect in the “GTA 6” release, but also in “Red Dead Redemption 3”.

“We are looking for an experienced, talented developer to help us develop advanced animation systems for large open-world character-based games. They should have strong coding skills, a good understanding and interest in character animation systems, and a passion for high-tech, realistic games.

It’s unclear if Rockstar Games actually wants to build a team for a specific game, but the job posting strongly suggests that idea. We will of course keep you up to date on this.

“GTA 6” release: Finally there is solid information

The recordings published via Reddit can hardly be described as “screenshots”. But the pictures give deep insights into what you can expect with the upcoming “GTA 6” release. You can see a police car in the rain, an airplane on a runway at night and some other details. Unfortunately, the corresponding post has now been deleted, but the rumors continue to boil.

But before you can actually get caught up in the fray of a new title, you should first think about it. Think of all the games that have accompanied you on the way to this massive release and made it possible for you. So before we tell you more about “Grand Theft Auto 6”, let’s go back in time and thus to the beginnings of a cult series.

In anticipation of the new game, some Rockstar fans started a continuous stream on October 5th, which should only stop when “GTA 6” is released.

Before “GTA 6”: The story of a cult series

Already “Grand Theft Auto V” brought its publishers more than one billion US dollars within the first three days after the release alone, overtaking “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”. For comparison, GTA IV, where you win Liberty City with Niko Bellic, grossed just $500 million in its first week in December 2008.

Titles like the 2004 released “GTA San Andreas”, the 2008 “Grand Theft Auto IV” or the 2009 release of “GTA: Chinatown Wars” have raised the game series to a veritable cult plateau in recent years. It is all the more understandable that the fans – still in “RDR2” fever – are already longing for the sixth volume of the GTA series.

In the open game world of GTA Online you can even meet other players and engage in battles with them or compete against them in mini-games. With every game comes new features and gadgets that keep the game fun. There is also some information about the innovations in “GTA 6”.

Will Grand Theft Auto feature a female lead for the first time?

An internal source from Rockstar is said to have given information about the new GTA to the YouTube channel “The Know”. Although the insider naturally wants to remain anonymous, the channel has often attracted attention in the past with reliable forecasts. We are happy to summarize what exactly there is to know about “GTA 6”:

  • At Rockstar, the new game is codenamed Project Americas.
  • We meet a female lead for the first time.
  • It is currently unclear whether we will meet a whole team of playable characters like in “GTA 5” or whether we will have to limit ourselves to one like in “GTA 4”.

Do you remember? Right! Vice City is already known from the GTA part of the same name, which Rockstar Games released in 2002 for the PlayStation and in 2003 for the Xbox and the PC. The game was also released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013 and was finally released for the PS4 in 2015. A female protagonist was originally planned for the fifth part of the series. We remain curious whether it will remain so for “GTA 6”.

When is the new GTA 6 coming out?

“GTA VI. Coming 2019. www.Rockstargames.com,” said GTA Online just a few months ago. Rockstar has already clarified this announcement as a joke by a mod. But some gaming fans are still hoping for an early release of the new game.

Sobering but true: In contrast to the period between parts GTA IV and V, we have to wait much longer for the sixth episode in the series. As industry expert Michael Pachter told gamingbolt, players shouldn’t expect the new Grand Theft Auto until 2020. Reddit user CurryLav, who is said to have leaked Rockstar information, is even more specific. According to him, the game should not appear before 2025.

But there is also good news, because apparently Rockstar is currently looking for a “Technical Face Developer”. Already with Red Dead Redemption 2″ we were able to find out what effort the developer puts into graphics and engine, but for GTA 6 he obviously wants to go one better.

Los Santos or Vice City – Where should “GTA 6” play?

We also look forward to the further development of Grand Theft Auto Online and the Rockstar Club, as well as what is likely to be an even greater selection of radio stations. Incidentally, there are even more specific details about the setting of the new GTA – namely a concept version of the map.

Although the map that has been designed is only a concept so far, it is based on what GTA producer Leslie Benzies once described in an interview. We know Vice City is the new game, but does it have to stay that way?

As it seems, it would be quite conceivable that GTA 6 could combine many elements from previous games and their maps. So not only would we return to Los Santos and Liberty City, but we’d also get glimpses of some parts of the San Andreas area and Blaine County and no longer just disappear into a single ruthless town.

When is GTA 6 coming out? PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X

Although the new episode of the GTA series won’t be available to play any time soon, you can already look forward to day one. Get the PC versions of the predecessors on Steam, play them through on the Xbox 360 or One, sit in front of the PS2, the PlayStation 4 or whatever console, get into the coolest vehicle and heat up the video game offline or online the various missions properly.

Whether you are a beginner or an existing player, you can find codes, bundles and much more on the Internet to help you with the computer game – on whatever platform. If we get more information about the “GTA 6” release, the setting, the music and the supported operating systems, we will keep you posted.

Until then and you can actually look forward to the “GTA 6” release, you should definitely play through the previous parts of the series again. We have therefore collected all the “GTA 5” cheats for the PS4 and PS3 for you, and you can also clear up a lot with the “GTA San Andreas” cheats for the PS4.

Sources: Rockstar Games; own research

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