Gymondo costs: All prices at a glance

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 30, 2022
Updated 2022/01/30 at 1:31 PM

Sport itself is free, but if you need some support, it can quickly become expensive. If you prefer home workouts due to the pandemic, commuting, or just wanting privacy, Gymondo might be for you. So we have all Prices for Gymondo at a glance.

Gymondo: These are the subscriptions and prices

As with almost all providers of fitness studios and streaming platforms, Gymondo also has several subscription models. However, these differ only in the subscription period, which is a big difference to other providers.

The cheapest subscription has a term of twelve months and usually costs 83.99 euros per year, which corresponds to 6.99 euros per month. Currently (as of January 26th, 2022) the prices at Gymondo are reduced by 25 percent, which means that the amount is 62.99 euros per year (5.24 per month).

The second subscription has a term of six months. The prices are 59.99 euros per year and thus 9.99 euros per month. Due to the current discounts, this subscription currently costs EUR 44.99 per year, i.e. EUR 7.49 per month.

The prices are highest for the third and last subscription, as it only has a term of three months. Here the standard amount for the Gymondo courses is 38.99 euros, which corresponds to 12.99 per month. With the reduction, it is 29.24 euros for three months and thus 9.74 euros per month.

subscription 1 subscription 2 subscription 3
duration 12 months 6 months 3 months
total price 83.99 euros 59.99 38.99
price per month 6.99 euros 9.99 12.99

Gymondo: No monthly billing

A look at the prices on the Gymondo website is deceptive at first, as the monthly price is printed much larger than the price that actually has to be paid. The provider does not calculate monthly like most of the competition, but demands the entire amount at once. So if you’re determined to do the workouts consistently from now on and want to save money, you should have the 83.99 euros ready.

However, Gymondo offers a free trial week. In the seven days you should therefore first check whether you like the platform and whether you can actually find the time and inclination in everyday life. There is also the option to pause the subscription at any time, which can also save you money.

There are now also fitness mirrors for at home that have a lot to offer. If you sometimes have a headache after exercising, you should get to the bottom of it. We also explained why exercising is not a good idea when you have a cold.

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