Hackers hacked into Belarus train system for a good cause

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2022
Updated 2022/01/24 at 9:52 PM

a group of hackers, known as Cyber-Partisans, took over the authorship of a hacker attack to the rail system Belarus (or Belarus) to prevent the Russia send troops for your ally to the border with Ukraine. You hackers made two demands to return access to the hijacked rail system data. In recent days, tension has increased and the possibility of Russia invade the Ukraine, former member of the Soviet Union and who already had Crimea invaded by his former ally.

Servers, database and workstations down

The group Cyber-Partisans carried out the attack ransomware this Monday, the 24th, and took control of part of the railway system of Belarus, preventing purchases of train tickets and other services from not working on the Belarusian Railways website (state responsible for the country’s railways). In addition, schedules and freight train service were also affected.

Images released by the group Cyber-Partisans showing system intrusion. Source: Reproduction.

The group, named after the resistance troops against the German occupation of Eastern Europe during World War II, published on its twitter which will return the encryption keys if the country’s government accepts two conditions: free 50 political prisoners who are in need of medical assistance and prevent the presence of Russian troops in the Belarus. In another tweet, the Cyber-Partisans called the country’s president a “terrorist”. In Europe, President Aleksandr Lukashenko is also called “Europe’s last dictator”. Last year, the Belarusian government captured a political opponent after ordering a commercial airliner to land on its territory due to a “bomb threat”.

Russia accused of preparing invasion of Ukraine

Since last year, United States accuses the Russia to prepare an invasion of its neighbour, Ukraine. In 2014, the government of Putin took over Ukraine’s Crimea region, marking the first territorial invasion of Europe since World War II. The invasion accusations were based on reports by intelligence services that detected a huge movement of Russian troops to the country’s border with Ukraine. Putin claims it’s all just a move for a military exercise. On Monday, the government Biden it’s the United Kingdom initiated the removal of families from Ukraine diplomats due to the risk of invasion of the country.


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Source: Ars Technica

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