Harald Glööckler lost over ten kilos in the jungle camp

Deepak Gupta February 6, 2022
Updated 2022/02/06 at 5:07 PM

15 days of rice and beans have left their mark on Harald Glööckler (56). The designer recently revealed in an Instagram story how much weight he lost in the South African jungle camp: “I’m back and I’m among the living. I lost eleven kilos.” ​​In a later video, in which Glööckler can be seen freshly styled and in his usual glamorous look, he reveals that all his jackets are two sizes too big for him and that brooches and buttons had to be used to help.

It is well known that the jungle camp means a loss on the scales for the participants due to the bland diet. Jungle king Filip Pavlovic (27) explains in the RTL interview that he has also lost eleven kilos: “I came in with 85 kilos and came out of the camp at 74.” With Manuel Flickinger (33) it was five kilos, with Eric Standing firm (32) “seven or eight kilos”.

The women have lost so much weight

The campers who were eliminated before the final also spoke about their weight loss. Ex-“Bachelor” candidate Linda Nobat (26) lost almost six kilos in the jungle camp, as “RTL.de” reported after moving out.

According to the broadcaster, actress Tina Ruland (55) lost four kilos during her eleven-day stay in the jungle. “Ex on the Beach” participant Tara Tabitha (28) had previously reported that the scales had shown two kilos less after moving out. With Jasmin Herren (43) it was between five and six kilos.

“The Great Reunion” on Sunday

On Sunday evening (February 6th) RTL (also on RTL+) shows from 8:15 p.m. “I’m a star – get me out of here! The big reunion”. In it, Sonja Zietlow (53) and Daniel Hartwich (43), together with the camp residents, review the anniversary season in South Africa.


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