Hard in the fall: Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch has military certification and battery that lasts 50 days

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 7:09 AM

THE kospeta Chinese manufacturer of smartwatcheswill launch on the 10th its device more prepared for extreme use. THE Kospet Tank M1 will be the smartwatch ideal for anyone looking for a clock that can handle extreme sports, drops, more drops, and even an excavator treadmill (if you like tossing things under that machine). With a name clearly inspired by the M1 Abrams main battle tankThe Kospet Tank M1 will also be resistant for those who do not want to carry the smartwatch regularly.

Kospet Tank M1 is more than a smartwatch: it works like a nutcracker!

In the announcement video smart watch The kospet uses a very different way of showing how the Tank M1 It is resistant to drops and impacts. Have you ever thought about using your smartphone or smartwatch to crack nuts? Of course not… I think (I hope). Because the manufacturer of smartwatch thought about it! in the advertisement of Tank M1 the watch is shown cracking several nuts and coming out with the screen intact, justifying the military certificate of resistance and IP69K degree of durability (the highest possible). Then comes the new category of wearable: smart watch with high strength kitchen utensil function. Revolution!

Jokes aside, the Kospet Tank M1 It’s very useful for those who don’t leave the house without a watch and practice extreme sports or, in open places. This IP69K level means that the smartwatch withstands extreme heat (70 degrees, like Bangu in summer) and -40 degrees cold, as well as resisting 5ATM pressure. And of course, the IP69K already includes dust resistance. The 380 mAh battery is also very resistant, which gives the battery life of up to 50 days without needing to charge.

The display of Kospet Tank M1 it is 1.72 inches with a resolution of 280 x 320. The entire watch weighs 65 g. The manufacturer has not yet made available all the colors available for the bracelets. The watch will only be sold here in Brazil through international purchase sites (such as AliExpress and Shopee).


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