Harley-Davidson prepares more affordable electric motorcycle, the LiveWire Del Mar

Deepak Gupta February 10, 2022
Updated 2022/02/10 at 9:34 PM

LiveWire is Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle brand that launched in May 2021. This week, the manufacturer confirmed that it intends to launch an accessible model of the brand to expand its line of electric motorcycles. According to information from the specialized website motorcycle, the LiveWire Del Mar motorcycle should hit the market by mid-2021.

The vehicle will be introduced to the market as a cheaper version of the LiveWire One, introduced in August 2021. The Del Mar will be the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle to implement the Arrow modular architecture, which will also be used in the next releases of the line.

Despite the announcement, so far Harley-Davidson has not provided further details on the vehicle’s specifications. We don’t know the price range or the approximate battery life. If we are based on the price of the LiveWire One, which in direct conversion, is costing around R$ 115 thousand, with a range of up to 235km and a maximum speed of 177km/h, we can imagine that the Del Mar’s price can even be below R$ 100 thousand.

The bike’s simpler design also points to the manufacturer’s intention to launch an affordable model on the market. Which is interesting, especially on Brazilian soil, where motorcycles and electric cars are too expensive for most people. The more affordable models are launched, the greater the chances of expanding the market and reducing the price of vehicles.

Market grows in Brazil

The electric car and electric motorcycle sector is expanding in Brazil. The Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE) announced that sales in the sector had increased by 74% until November 2021. To further stimulate growth, companies such as Shell and Volkswagen are creating a network of charging stations across Brazil, with the first refueling locations scheduled to start operating in 2022.

In addition, while LiveWire Del Mar does not arrive in national territory, it is already possible to find some models of electric motorcycles that cost less than R$ 20 thousand and are a good option for getting around in urban centers.


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