Have a Revolut card? Transfer money instead of uploading

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 18, 2022
Updated 2022/07/18 at 10:10 AM

Revolut was launched in July 2015 as a digital alternative to big banks. Through this service it is possible to have a virtual or physical card. Note that this service does not charge fees for payment operations, national or international transfers and exchange rates.

Revolut recently advised customers to transfer money instead of card loading to avoid costs.

Revolut: Banks are charging card top-ups

Revolut advised customers to transfer money to their card, which is popular with those traveling outside the country, rather than topping up with a card, to avoid costs, with Portuguese banks charging in some circumstances.

Lusa questioned the largest Portuguese banks on this matter, and some institutions did not respond.

Santander explained the options it has in these cases. “According to the pricing in force, under the heading of cash transfers”, the “transfer from a Santander debit card to a Revolut card or similar is free of charge. SEPA transfers [corresponde à sigla de Single Euro Payments Area, que em português significa Área Única de Pagamentos em Euros] are also free”, he pointed out.

Have a Revolut card?  Transfer money instead of uploading

If “the transfer is made with a Santander credit card, to one of these cards, the Quasi Cash pricing in force applies, namely 4.00%+€1.00 (Portugal and EEA) or 4.00 %+1.00€+2%+1% (rest world)”.

The bank assured that, “at the moment, there are no plans to change the commissions in force in the bank's price list for the aforementioned operations”.

In turn, BPI said that “there are no costs charged for loading the Revolut card (through the debit/credit card associated with the Revolut card, MB Way, or SEPA bank transfer, as long as it is carried out with IBAN, in euros and with share expenses)”, also mentioning that “there are currently no plans to change the price in this area”.

The bank, asked about the costs of using its cards outside the country, also said that “the possible costs associated with payment cards abroad depend on the type of card used (debit, credit and prepaid) and the country in question. (within or outside the EEA), and customers should assess which solution is most convenient for each trip”, also indicating that “digital payments do not normally have additional costs in relation to the use of the respective physical card”.

Finally, an official source at Banco CTT said that it does not charge costs for transfers made on digital channels.

“In this context, Banco CTT does not have transfer costs to any other account in the banking system, whether Revolut or any other financial institution”, he highlighted, referring that, “for those who travel, Banco CTT does not charge any cost for withdrawal with the debit or credit card in the European Economic Area”.

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