Have you checked if you can benefit from the social internet tariff?

Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 9:31 AM

Social Internet fare is not a new program and the “offers” are very interesting. It is true that there have not been many candidates, apparently because people have not yet fully understood whether they can benefit from this social Internet tariff.

ANACOM has released a summary of the requirements for taking advantage of the social Internet tariff. See if it “fits” the profile.

Social Internet tariff has already received 343 requests

The social Internet tariff (TSI) has been available for some time now. The operators NOWO, US, MEODevice and Vodafone are in a position to offer this rate to their customers. Since the release of the TSI, 343 applications have been submitted.

TSI has a monthly fee of 5 euros + VAT, includes a minimum of 15GB of data per month, and operators must ensure a minimum download speed of 12 Mbps and 2 Mbps upload, in order to allow:

  • use e-mail;
  • search and consult all types of information on search engines;
  • use educational and training tools;
  • access newspapers or news;
  • buy or order goods or services;
  • look for a job;
  • networking, at a professional level;
  • use online banking services and Public Administration services;
  • use social networks and instant messaging; and
  • make quality calls and video calls.

Have you checked if you can benefit from the social internet tariff?

To benefit from TSI, the request must be made with an operator, accompanied by the following information: full name; tax identification number (NIF) and tax address of the contract holder. In the specific case of university students, they must also present a declaration proving enrollment in a higher education institution and a document proving their current address of residence.

Each household can only benefit from one TSI. People who benefit from:

  • the old-age social pension or the solidarity supplement for the elderly;
  • the unemployment benefit;
  • the social disability pension of the special regime or the complement of the social benefit for inclusion;
  • social insertion income;
  • family allowance; and
  • households with an annual income equal to or less than 5808 euros, plus 50% for each member of the household who does not have an income, up to a limit of 10 people. In these families, if there are university students displaced, studying in other municipalities, they can also benefit from an additional offer of social tariff.

At the time of joining TSI, a maximum and single amount of 21.45 euros +VAT may be charged for activation services and/or access equipment. The beneficiary of the social Internet tariff can choose to pay this amount in 6, 12 or 24 months, together with the possibility of full payment on the first invoice. This rate does not include television and telephone.

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