HBO Max Revival of ‘The Boondocks’ Has Been Canceled

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 5, 2022
Updated 2022/02/05 at 9:36 PM

HBO Max is not bringing it back the Boondocks for two more seasons. In 2019, before the streaming service was even available, WarnerMedia announced that it had given the go-ahead for one of the beloved Adult Swim animated series that was due to premiere in Fall 2020. In the two years since that announcement, there has been almost no news about the series. . So far.

In an interview with the Geekset Podcast caught by , Tom DuBois voice actor Cedric Yarbrough said the reboot isn’t moving forward. “I hate to say this, but right now the show isn’t coming back,” Yarbrough told the podcast. “Sony [Pictures Animiation]… they’ve decided they’re going to pull the plug.” Yarbrough did not say why the company made that decision, but noted that recording sessions for the show had begun. We’ve reached out to WarnerMedia for comment.

The fact that we don’t have two more seasons of the Boondocks it’s interesting in light of all the money WarnerMedia spent to establish HBOMax as a destination for adult animation. Shortly after announcing the show’s revival, the company paid to secure exclusive US streaming rights for South Park. He also called on people like JJ Abrams to create a new platform. the Boondocks it was supposed to be one of the first releases on that momentum.

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