HDDs sold 33% less compared to last year. Will it be the end of hard drives?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 18, 2022
Updated 2022/07/18 at 9:08 AM

With the appearance of SSD disks (Solid State Drives), many users started to use this format. However, a significant percentage remained faithful to HDD (Hard Disk Drive) hard disks, since these also turned out to be more advantageous in terms of price.

But the latest news from this sector indicates that the HDD disk sales market has fallen by 33% compared to last year. And there are those who even ask the question whether it will not be the end of these devices.




HDD disks suffer 33% drop in sales

According to the most recent information revealed by Storage Newsletter, the hard disk market has now presented the worst numbers ever expected. Data shows that sales of HDDs have suffered a significant drop of around 33% compared to last year 2021, and all manufacturers of this equipment noted, in general, an abrupt decrease in demand for these disks.

The 33% drop is a year-on-year comparison, however there is also a 16% drop in sales in the second quarter of this year compared to the first three months. And the details add that this drop in sales is essentially verified in HDD discs for the domestic consumer, maintaining, in turn, some stability in sales for the business segment.

via Storage Newsletter

If we go back in time, we can see that in 2010 there was a record sales of this equipment, with 651 units sold during that year, which corresponded to an average of 162 million sales per quarter. But today, an average of 45 million hard drives are sold every three months.

In concrete terms, the leader Seagate, which has 44.7% of this market, sold 13.8% less HDD disks between April and June 2022 compared to the first quarter. And in a year-to-year comparison, this drop was 29.7%. Western Digital, with a 37.2% share, sold 16.5% fewer units in the quarter and 34.6% less than in the previous year. Toshiba, which holds about 18.1% of the market, suffered a drop of 20.2% compared to the first months of the year and an abrupt drop of 42.8% in sales compared to 2021.

With this panorama, many already ask the question about the future of hard disks, mainly because there are many users using other alternatives.

Is this the end of HDDs?

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