Heino and Co.: These stars were already in the “DSDS” jury?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 21, 2022
Updated 2022/01/21 at 6:33 PM

“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” is entering its 19th round this year. After moderator and pop singer Florian Silbereisen (40) jumped in spontaneously two years ago, he is now a permanent member of the jury. Producer Toby Gad (53) and musician Ilse DeLange (44) will also be there from January 22 (8:15 p.m., RTL). But who were their predecessors?

The pop singers

The fans of the pop world could not be happy about the support of their favorite pop stars in the “DSDS” jury from the start. Only in the eleventh season of the format did Marianne Rosenberg (66) become the first pop singer. But she got the ball rolling. After her, Heino (83) followed in the following season. In 2013, Vanessa Mai (29) and Michelle (49) not only ensured gender balance, but also a hit presence on the jury. In contrast to most of the jury members, the two singers have not calmed down after “DSDS”. After Michelle stayed one more season, the hit lady was replaced by Ella Endlich (37) in season 15.

The entertainers

Not only the candidates provide good entertainment on the show. Dieter Bohlen’s jury colleagues are also responsible for this. Bruce Darnell (64), who was on the jury in 2012 in the ninth season, did a good job. In the meantime he has switched back to ProSieben and has his own show “Suprise! The Bruce Darnell Show”. Fernanda Brandao (38), who was on the jury before him (2011), has at least as much fire as Darnell. Today, the singer, dancer and choreographer seems to be taking more time for her private life and is now engaged and pregnant with their first child. A former candidate who also always puts you in a good mood is “DSDS” winner Pietro Lombardi (29). He was a “DSDS” judge in the 16th and 17th seasons.

The Mysterious

They are super successful and have a lot of young fans. It would be nice to have a look behind the scenes. In the tenth season, it was the Kaulitz brothers (Bill and Tom, 32) who attracted “Tokio Hotel” fans as spectators and as jurors showed a whole new side of themselves. This was followed by the singer Mandy Capristo (31). The ex-girlfriend of soccer player Mesut Özil (33) successfully asserted herself against three men in the jury. In 2014, Kay One (37) caused a lot of trouble in the jury. The rapper not only criticized the candidates, but also his colleagues, putting himself in a bad light. His rapper colleague Shirin David (26) often attracted attention with her eye-catching styling.

The scandal

RTL had to react, especially in the recent past, and even parted ways with a jury member during the 2021 broadcast. Michael Wender (49) was removed from the “DSDS” episodes that had already been shot. As RTL announced, Wendler was cut from the episodes, even if “visible, dramaturgical gaps arise”. The reason for this was his assertion that the corona measures laid down by the federal and state governments would create conditions like those in concentration camps. After the break with the broadcaster, he apparently slipped deeper and deeper into the circles of conspiracy theorists.

Xavier Naidoo (50), who was seen in season 16, also caused a stir in season 17. RTL kicked him out of the jury after a video of him appeared online in March 2020, in which he apparently sang a few lines of a previously unreleased song that was celebrated in right-wing circles. RTL then published a statement: “Xavier Naidoo has not yet responded to our offer to explain his ambiguous and contradictory statements in a plausible way.” The broadcaster would have liked a direct and public discussion with him. This did not come about, so a return would be impossible. He also slipped further and spread the most bizarre conspiracy theories. In the casting show, Florian Silbereisen stepped in for the live shows – and is now celebrating a comeback as a permanent juror.


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