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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 10:41 PM

Hidden Manager Apps on Android have become popular with cybercriminals. Its use allows them to remotely obtain information and data of the victims such as: passwords, files, account numbers, private messages, etc. Generally, these malwares are located in the Android administrator and are disguised as popular applications or are shown as a suggestion for download in chat or in external unofficial application stores and are characterized by hiding their existence by removing the icon from the home screen, being invisible before the eyes of the victim and maintaining its execution in the background sending information if it finds availability on the network.

Hence, if you find that your device consumes more memory than normal or uses a lot of battery for no reason, you may be victims of these. malware and that is why it never hurts to check if any of these affect our device. In this article we will teach you how to locate and completely remove Hidden Android Manager applications.

That is the Device Manager?

The use of Device Manager first appeared in Android 2.2 and was created as a security measure that allowed developers to gain advanced control over their applications., giving you the ability to remotely erase sensitive information from the device or locate its location in the event of loss or theft. In the first instance, it was developed as an external service since the user who wanted to use it had to install it from the Play Store. Later in later versions it was integrated into the Operating System.

Normally, applications that require this type of permission must request it from the user. Once granted, it appears in the Device Manager and from there the user can deactivate or activate the service whenever he wishes. It is very important to grant this type of permissions, to have a reliable source of the application, such as the official Google application store. Since with this privilege the new APK gains control of your device. Such control gives you access to execute any code with the aim of stealing passwords, installing additional malware, extracting files, phishing, etc.

Do youHow to find and remove hidden Android manager apps?

When installing any application you have to pay a lot of interest in the permissions it needs on the device. And much more if the source of the new APK is from an unofficial site. Once installed, it will ask you to grant administrative permissions and if the request is rejected; You will be frequently shown pop-up messages requesting the same authorization. Although, not all applications that request this type of permission mean that they are malicious. There are a large number of applications that require these permissions for their correct operation and are hidden such as: AppLock, AppDefender, Privacy Manager, etc. These provide security and protection of confidential information that the user wants to hide or protect within their device.

Routes run the applications with administrative permissions, depending on your version of Android

  • Security> Device administration apps.
  • Security and Privacy> Device administration apps.
  • Lock screen and follow> Other security settings> Phone administrators.
  • If you have a device with an Android version higher than 5. * en Settings you can select the icon of the magnifying glass(search engine) and directly type device administration.

Once the window is open, you should only deactivate on the right side those suspicious applications or those that you do not want to have administrative privileges.

Example in Android 7.0.1 to get to the Application Manager

It only remains to delete the application normally, although it is recommended in Settings> Applications, select the suspicious application to remove and in Storage delete the data to do a complete uninstall.

Another way to find hidden Android management applications is through the use of RAM. It consists of comparing the use of the RAM memory of our Android in safe mode and its consumption using the device normally. We boot into safe mode first, thus ensuring that all non-essential system applications are disabled and taking RAM usage at that point as a basis for comparison. Then we restart the device normally, deactivate the installed applications and check the memory usage. When comparing both data, the result cannot vary much and if it does, it is a good reason to be suspicious.

Using Apps to detect Android Manager malware

If you still find it difficult to find these applications, there are a wide variety of apps that make your work easier, such as Hidden Apps-Hidden Applications available in the Play Store. You just need to install the application and it automatically scans suspicious or dangerous applications that may spy on your privacy. This is just one example of the many applications in the Google store that allow you to find these malware, you just have to find the one that best suits your device and use it.

How to protect yourself from Hidden Android Management Apps?

Whenever we use a phone with internet access, we are prone to neglect various aspects that can cause damage to our device or our private information. There are sites that suggest you install applications to lose weight, win the latest mobile on the market, or simply a game that is in fashion and mostly minors are the most vulnerable in this regard.

By virtue of this, it is good to create a habit or a security practice when installing applications on our device

  • Download and install only from reputable stores. Many times we do not find the application we want on the official pages and that is why we download it from the first site where we find it. We do not check if it is a safe site, with good references or acceptance of the users and if it has been contributing for years to the development and distribution of the creators of applications.
  • Take a look at the rating and comments of other users who have used the application. The best way to test any application is through software tests and who better than users to find errors, non-functionalities or if it is a potential virus. For this reason it is always good to review the comments and scores of other users who have exploited the application you want. They will tell you if it is malware, if it does not solve your problem or if it is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Update your device whenever you find new official versions. This ensures that security bugs found in previous versions, including the one you have at the time, are removed. It also helps your device to improve its defenses in case of new attackers.
  • Read the permissions required by the application to install. If the application you want is a music player, logically it will ask for your permission to see all the audios you have in your storage. But, would it be very suspicious if it asked you for Android administrator permissions, right?

Final recommendation

It may seem somewhat exhausting that every time we install an application we have to go through some work, when we simply have to give Next and Install. But if that habit is created, we guarantee security of your personal information and the proper functioning of the device.

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