Hidden in Netflix: 5 functions many do not even know

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 9:01 AM

Despite its popularity, streaming service Netflix has several disadvantages. You will never experience the complete variety of the portal, since the offer is always strongly tailored to your user behavior and preferences. In addition, preset standards and your own requirements often do not match. So if you want more of everything, you could try the following hidden Netflix settings and tips help help.

Test it yourself: These Netflix settings & tricks will improve your streaming

For many users, the pre-filtered offer is completely sufficient. If you are still not satisfied with the quality and user-friendliness in this context, make the following Netflix settings. They increase the comfort when watching a film.

#1 Customize subtitles

Netflix has the advantage of offering numerous original films and series with German or other language subtitles. However, if you don’t like how they are displayed, you can adjust them.

  • Netflix setting: Account > Profiles & Parental Controls > Subtitle Display > Change

Here you can customize the font, font size and background according to your needs.

#2 Individual streaming quality

It is also possible to set the streaming quality on Netflix. This is very useful depending on the device you are using. If you use Netflix on your smartphone, you can reduce the quality, for example, to save on your data volume.

#3 Handy Netflix keyboard shortcuts to adjust

Netflix also has keyboard shortcuts that make it faster and easier to use. For example, the following are available for the browser:

  1. Spacebar: Toggle between play and pause.
  2. Enter key: Switch between play and pause.
  3. Q: Set full screen.
  4. Esc: Return from full screen mode.
  5. Left Arrow: Rewind ten seconds.
  6. Right arrow: Fast forward ten seconds.
  7. Up Arrow: Increase the volume.
  8. Down Arrow: Decrease the volume.
  9. M: Turn the sound off and on.

#4 Netflix without autoplay

Binge-watching is definitely favored by the autoplay function at the end of each series episode. And trailers are now played without any action. If this bothers you or you’d like to tear yourself away better, turn off the Netflix setting. The Netflix autoplay can now be deactivated.

#5 Netflix in audiobook format

If you want to protect your eyes but still not miss the current series highlight, then try the whole thing as a radio play with audio description. The Netflix setting “Dialogue” is sufficient for this.

To do this, select the relevant icon (a speech bubble with lines in it) at the bottom of the player while the stream is running and select the desired audio option there. A narrator then tells you what is happening on the screen.

Even more Netflix with more tools

In addition to the Netflix settings of the service itself, you can use additional tricks or other online portals that will help you, for example, with the selection of films and series.

  • Netflix roulette: Would you like a series and film shuffle? Then let chance decide and filter by genre, rating, series or film what you get to see next. The tool doesn’t actually belong to Netflix, but was launched in 2014 by a Redditor. In 2017, “Netflix Roulette” was acquired by Reelgood and has since been used regularly by many Netflix users.
  • Latest and most popular Netflix hits: “What’s on Netflix” is a portal that brings some structure to Netflix’s ever-changing offering. Up-to-date lists of titles that will be released soon or will soon disappear from the range give you a good overview of what you still want to see or should have already seen. Netflix Germany offers a similar format.
  • Netflix trends over the last 24 hours: It is even more topical on “Instantwatcher”. The service shows you which titles were the most popular and viewed the most in the last 24 hours. tip: There are also charts for Amazon Prime Video here.
  • 76,000 additional Netflix categories: Netflix has thousands of hidden categories that go far beyond the visible breakdown of the available genres. A little trick with secret Netflix codes expands the offer enormously.
  • Netflix without geoblocks: If you want to have access to the offer of other countries, you must first bypass the geo-blocking. To do this, you can change the country on Netflix.

Bottom Line: Try some new Netflix settings

There are tons of Netflix add-ons and tricks that make streaming even more enjoyable. You can either simply increase the selection of titles or significantly increase the convenience factor. Either way, you’ll learn Netflix settings and tricks you didn’t know before.

Sources: Netflix, own research

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