How does the Refurbished Grade Classification work?

Deepak Gupta June 5, 2022
Updated 2022/06/05 at 8:14 PM

It is increasingly common to hear about refurbished. These are cheaper, more ecological equipment, and they work just like new equipment.

But how does grade classification work? We explain.

iPads, Apple Watches, Macbooks, iPhones, everything can be part of the refurbished equipment, subjected to a series of tests before reaching the hands of customers.

Did you know that, for example, before buying a refurbished one, the equipment undergoes several quality tests to meet the brand's premium performance and presentation requirements?

Refurbished equipment is normally classified in a Grade system, based on cosmetic evidence of use. The equipment is tested one by one, so that no detail is missing. The Refurbished Grid system only takes into account the aesthetic aspects, because, regardless of the evidence of use that the device presents, all the functionalities will be active, and the device is ready to be used to its full potential.

How does the Refurbished Grade Classification work?

Grid System used in the refurbished segment

  • Grade A+. They are practically new equipment, with no scratches on the screen or camera lenses. The device's chassis may have small imperfections, only noticeable when looking at the device from less than 30 centimeters away.
  • Grade A: equipment in excellent condition. These devices may have slight noticeable scratches on the screen area and on the chassis of the equipment. These are scratches that are only perceptible to the eye and never to the touch.
  • Grade B: equipment in good condition, with visible marks on the screen and on the chassis, visible from 30 centimeters away. In the case of marks on the chassis, these may be slightly perceptible to the touch.

At iServices, the refurbished ones have a 3 Year Warranty, and they include in the box the essential accessories to start using your new equipment.

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