How much does it cost to drive 100 km with a 100% electric vehicle?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 8, 2022
Updated 2022/07/08 at 3:49 PM

Do you have a 100% electric vehicle? After all, how much does a trip in a gasoline, diesel or electric-powered car cost today? With fuel prices reaching historic levels, it’s time for electric cars, as the savings are apparently very significant.

To help understand the current scenario, the UVE (Association of Electric Vehicle Users) carried out a comparison between 100% electric vehicles and vehicles with internal combustion engines (petrol and diesel). Know the results.

Price difference from a gasoline or diesel car to 100% electric is abysmal

UVE – Association of Users of Electric Vehicles created a cost analysis model to travel 100 km, among the parameters analyzed are the values ​​of the various types of charging stations in Portugal (on the Public Network), charging at home/condominium (simple and bi-hourly electricity tariff), as well as the actual consumption of the various models of 100% electric vehicles in circulation in Portugal.

Considering the image that follows, there is little more to say. Having a 100% electric car currently pays off a lot compared to cars with internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel).

How much does it cost to drive 100 km with a 100% electric vehicle?

According to UVE, to travel 100km with a car with a gasoline engine, the price to pay for the trip is 12.21 euros. In the case of a car with a diesel engine, the amount to be paid is 9.34 euros.

Considering a 100% electric car, there are different scenarios. If charging is carried out on the public network, the amount payable is 7.10 euros. If charging is done at home, the customer can pay 3.18 euros or 2.03 euros, based on the average price per kWh.

Given the values ​​presented, the conclusions are easy to draw. It should also be noted that tariffs in the regulated market have dropped. In the case of electric mobility, it means a reduction, on average, of 3 cents per kWh, both in Medium Voltage (MT) and in Low Voltage (LV). This price drop benefits users of the Public Charging Network.

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