How to Access the Android 12 Security Center

Deepak Gupta February 11, 2022
Updated 2022/02/11 at 11:36 PM

The security it is an essential element to ensure peace of mind for users on Android mobile phones today. In Android 12 it is already integrated into the operating system providing us with a secure management of almost all the operations that we carry out daily. If we download content from the internet, install applications, browse the internet or share information, the advanced options already pre-configured will act in your favor immediately.

Even with the phone turned off! Given the importance of this topic for our readers who use mobile phones with Android 12 installed, we will show you in this article how to access the Android 12 security center. This way you can better customize this aspect on your favorite mobile device.

The path to security in Android 12

If you have decided to have a secure mobile phone, you need to know how to access the security options. Taking into account that there are countless manufacturers that have Android as their operating system, we could define that the “most common” way is through the Configuration or Settings menu. Once there we can access the security panel of our device to which we also It has been defined under the concept of “Security Hub” or Security Center.

On other devices with Android installed and customized, the order of appearance of the security option may vary, either on the Pixel phones themselves or on some other, however its location should never be extremely complicated. In the latter case, you can also locate it in the settings menu search engine or simply by scrolling through it.

What the renewed Android 12 security center brings us

To get started, it brings us a practical and modern interface in which we can easily see the security status of our device. In the first instance, a graph appears that shows us, through a color indicator, the level of existing risk, as well as the completion of security actions. As a complement to this, an icon was implemented in the center of the graph that also helps us to notice the state of the mobile by continuously changing color and shape in correspondence with our security levels.

The colors used intentionally alert us if a high level of risk is red and is accompanied below by its respective notification about the actions to be taken. Something similar happens when these indicators are yellow. Finally, the green color will suggest that the security of our mobile is on wheels and we should not worry at the moment.

Android security warning

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Android 12 Security Center provides below a list of the parameters or configurations that you should evaluate to determine if your device is secure or not. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:

Application security or Google Play Protect

If we talk about mobile security, nothing better than starting from the protection against the execution of unwanted applications. This is a point where our phone is undoubtedly vulnerable as many applications request permissions and sometimes we do not usually pay so much attention to it. Well, when you access the security panel will inform you about your protection status regarding existing applications. But nevertheless, With just a touch on the option you will activate the on-demand scan whether or not it detects malicious applications at that time.

find my device

We are becoming more and more dependent on our mobile devices and allowing them to be lost or stolen can have significant consequences in our lives. This option will be very useful, especially if you are one of the people who usually lose their mobile due to the ups and downs of the daily route. Just by having this option activated you can easily locate your phone remotely in several ways.

security update

Perhaps one of the most important features of the security center. Staying up-to-date is essential if you intend to deal with the most recent threats that swarm the internet today in a dignified manner. In this case, keeping the indicator for this option green is a priority for you. So push this feature every chance you get, and you’ll get the best Google has to offer when it comes to security.which is not little.

Screen lock

When we get a new mobile, one of the first things we like to configure is the screen lock to immediately preserve our privacy from prying eyes. This is now very easy to do through the Lock screen feature, which will also suggest it if you haven’t already. This option will offer you a variety of ways to do it very quickly either through PIN, Password, Pattern or Swipe among others.

Fingerprint Unlock

The use of Biometrics has been incorporated into security on mobile devices for some time, however, in Android 12 it ostensibly improves the management of all your fingerprints. If you set this option You can handle the footprints you need at your whim.

Google Security Checkup

The Google security verification is a very important step because ensures that your daily use account to access Internet browsing or other associated Google products has not been compromised. To do this, you must verify from which devices you have accessed your account, for example, or the recent activities carried out. Having this option activated and working will undoubtedly contribute to raising the general state of security, being immediately reflected in the corresponding indicator.

Google Play System Update

If we were already talking about preventing potentially dangerous applications… Why not update our main source of apps? With this objective Google offers regular updates for Google Play that guarantee the proper functioning and security when obtaining apps from this source. The option that appears within our security center ensures just that.

Advanced settings in Android 12 security center

We have already talked about the main options offered by the security center in Android 12. But what if you are one of those who like to have more control over the security you already have? Well, for this Google has implemented the Advanced Settings, an option for the most cautious. Here you will find options as varied as disabling the use of a certain SIM card, configuring suspicious message alerts, activating the feature App pinning o Set of applications very useful for example for parental control. However, there are other very interesting ones such as smart locking or encryption and credentials that have received a renewed boost.

Android 12 Security Center: Final Assessment

Finally, we believe that in Android 12 we simply have access to improved management of our security from a practical and simple interface aimed at focusing on what really matters. The latter is very important because we know very well that not all of us have enough time to deal with an issue that we do not always like and that is often difficult to manage correctly.

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