How to download PUBG on Computer?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 4:51 AM
how to download PUBG on PC

How to Download PUBG Game on PC

Many people know that the PUBG game is one of the most successful and famous games in the world, released in March 2017, because this game is considered one of the different games from those traditional games, through which the player can compete with many people, friends and people of different nationalities can be added in many battles, and various types of weapons and voice commands can be used through them, in addition to the rest of the combat warfare tools.

System Requirements To Run PUBG On PC

There are many requirements, one of which is PUBG game needs to run on a computer, and among these requirements are the following:

  • The game works on many Windows operating systems namely Windows 7/8/10 and above.
  • There are requirements for this game, like a processor of at least 1.8GHz, and it must also be dual core.
  • The least that can turn PUBG since the RAM is the one whose speed is at least 3 GB, but it is better if the computer has 8-16 GB of RAM.
  • The graphics card must be NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / 9600GT – ATI / AMD Radeon HD2600 / 3600 – or equivalent.
  • The hard disk space of the device must be at least 2 GB.
  • Strong internet connection.

What we have mentioned above are the requirements which can take the game with ease, so let’s move on to the steps to download it.

Steps to Download PUBG Game on PC

There are many steps to download the PUBG game on the computer, by downloading the emulator STRENGTH which was programmed for PUBG game, because this emulator contains the game in advance to facilitate the process of playing and using, and you can also download many emulators to download this game. These emulators are NOX emulator, the BlueStacks emulator and the emulator KoPlayer the most popular.

How to play PUBG on the emulator

The emulator may take a while to load a percentage at the beginning, and after the “Start” or “Start” button appears, we click on it, and the PUBG game may take a while at the start to run, but after that it is fast, because the game is downloaded for the first time Automatic on the emulator, but you will have to sign in with google or facebook account etc. to enter the game, then play directly.

Anyone can use their Gmail account on the emulator which has been downloaded to the computer, so that anyone who plays the game on the phone can complete their steps through the computer, and if you are logged in with the account you want on the emulator, you will not be able to play PUBG game only, but you will also be able to download different games, such as Fortnite, Free Fire and other games.

PUBG mobile control buttons on PC using TENSENT emulator

WASD : These are the buttons for movement in different directions.

Left click : It is the right button of the mouse, which allows to shoot or strike with the fist.

Space bar : This button is the longest button on the keyboard, it’s what makes you jump in PUBG.

VS : This button is for tilting.

Z : This button allows you to lie down.

Shift : This button is used to execute quickly.

Mouse lock : this button helps you run automatically.

Number 4-5-6 : They help to throw things.

N ° 7-8-9-10 : These are healing tools.

F1 : gives a quick overview of all orders.

Common Problems in PUBG Game on Computer

As everyone know, PUBG game on computer is better than smartphone version, but using it on the computer, it may suffer from sudden shutdown, and the reason may be the capabilities of the computer. to play the game, where the reason to stop the emulator or the game to work It is due to 100% CPU consumption, many people may suffer from this problem, but you can find a better emulator to download and play gambling.

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