How to extend the life of the laptop?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 30, 2021
Updated 2021/12/30 at 8:39 AM

How to extend the life of the laptop?

Usually the laptop will run faster after every restart

Over time, laptops lose efficiency and slow down the pace of their work. The user can counter this and extend the lifespan of the laptop by some important technical measures; Such as good battery management, expanding random memory (RAM), and using modern hard drives like SSDs.

Christian Hirsch – from the German magazine “Ship” (c’t) explained that the laptop can be used for a period of 3 to five years, and it is also possible that these devices are sufficient for the user’s needs for a period of 7 years when used for purposes that do not require Super Computing capability, such as web browsing, live streaming, and mainly office applications.

Good battery handling

The battery is one of the most power consuming components in a laptop computer; Because its efficiency deteriorates with each complete charge cycle. Hirsch recommended that the battery be handled properly, explaining that “the battery should run to full charge every few weeks and then charge it again, so that the charging electronics can calculate the actual capacity.”

Laptop BatterySome laptop models include a battery program, and the user can rely on this program so that the charging electronics do not fully charge the battery during continuous operation by connecting the mains cable, which helps to prolong the battery life. battery life, but it must be taken into account that after several years the load is discharged. The battery is fast despite all precautions, and here the user has to replace the old battery with a new one.

And often the companies that produce laptops do not provide replacement batteries or they are very expensive, so their price can approach new laptops, and here the user can use replacement batteries from other companies. , which are usually much cheaper, but the problem is that laptop batteries can no longer be removed easily; Due to the adoption by many companies of the concept of slim design for their new devices.

“Often, the user can replace the battery of the laptop if he is technically skilled, relying on tips and instructions provided by the Internet,” explained Wolfgang Pauler – of the German magazine “Ship” Computer. The user should dare and open the laptop, especially if they are not satisfied with the performance of the old computer, which slows down over time.

Hirsch added, “This is the traditional end of laptops, as applications require more computing power, and videos are now available in much higher resolution and clarity than before, while the capacity of computers laptops stays the same, resulting in a slowdown. The pace of laptop work over the years. “

Extended random access memory (RAM)

Slowdown of laptops is often due to RAM, and this can be identified by opening the task manager of computers with “Microsoft Windows” system while simultaneously pressing the buttons (Ctrl + Alt + Del).

Laptop ramAnd if the RAM is already working at almost 100%, then part of its operations is transferred to the internal hard drive, and it works much slower, then the user has to think about upgrading the RAM.

And Pauler explained that random access memory can be expanded by relying on RAM chips, and that there may be a slot in laptops that allows the user to install another chip for the memory. random access, or the used random access memory chip can be deleted. another chip with a larger capacity, if it is not soldered to the main board.

Increase the number of SSDs

If the hard drives are old or full, this problem can be solved by relying on hard drives with modern technology or by increasing the storage capacity to speed up the working pace of laptops. German experts have advised to do without static-state magnetic hard drives because they work faster than traditional hard drives.

SSD hard driveIf the laptop has a static hard drive with a small storage capacity, a large hard drive can be dispensed with, and there is often a free “M.2” slot to install an additional static drive, and an external hard drive can be Connect it to laptop through the USB port, so that the data can be transferred to it, and this type of hard drive usually offers more storage capacity.

The task manager allows the user to identify the extent of the load on the processor and graphics card, called “CPU” and “GPU” (GPU), but these components cannot be replaced in laptops. .

Cleaning the air vents

Here are some simple steps that can help laptop owners maintain their computers. For example, the fan must be working properly to cool the laptop. Therefore, the air vents should be cleaned regularly with the vacuum cleaner and set to the lowest suction level, so that the processor is not exposed to excessive heat and limits its performance.

In addition, the laptop needs to be completely restarted every now and then; The laptop computer generally runs faster after each restart.

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