How to Merge Photos on iPhone

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 9, 2021
Updated 2021/12/09 at 9:17 AM

Although many of us are not specialists in photography, our activity on social networks often leads us to create memories with old photos of our friends, family or relationships. We want to do it in the easiest, funnest and “professional” way possible to capture the attention of our loved ones and provoke a moment “likeBetween them and us. One of the possibilities at our disposal is through the use of image combinations. In the case that you have an iPhone, using the Photos functionality will not be enough to perform this action, so we must resort to alternatives. And precisely in our article we will teach you how to combine photos on your iPhone with the appropriate tips and tools.

Introducing Shortcuts (Shortcuts)

Surely you have heard of Shortcuts or Shortcuts (in English language). This official application of the Apple platform has a myriad of utilities such as performing tasks and automating them. In our particular case, it will help us achieve the desired combination of images in just a few steps. In the event that you have a version of iOS 12 or later installed on your iPhone, you will already have this magnificent application incorporated by default.

How to use shortcuts to combine photos

First of all, if you don’t have the Shortcuts app installed, download it from the app store and install it immediately. Once installed we will proceed to carry out the necessary steps to combine photos on your iPhone:

Creating the shortcut

  1. First of all, to get the Merge Images shortcut, we must allow shared shortcuts. For this you must go to the Setting from your iPhone and tap Shortcuts.
  2. Second, choose the option Allow untrusted shortcuts. If you cannot do this, you will first need to run a shortcut. Go immediately to the application Shortcuts and select one of them to run it quickly. Then repeat the first and second steps again.
  3. Then touch Let and enter your password to confirm.
  4. Then proceed to navigate to the shortcuts web page of Merge images to open it automatically in the Shortcuts application.
  5. Later, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Add untrusted shortcut.
  6. Immediately press on My shortcuts in the lower menu.
  7. At that time, you can touch the shortcut of Merge images just added, and then we give it To accept to run it.

Working with photos

  1. Now we will work on the photos. Choose the pictures you want to combine. At this point, a blue check mark will appear at the bottom right of each photo you have selected.
  2. Press Add in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose to your liking the order in which you want the photos to appear by touching the option Chronological or Reverse chronological.
  4. For a more unique design, customize the image spacing by entering a number and touching Ready. If you don’t want space between images, leave it at 0.
  5. Choose how you want your photos to be displayed by selecting one of the following display options:
    • combine images horizontally
    • merge images vertically
    • And lastly, combine images in a grid
  6. You can see how they preview your combined photos. Touch Ready in the upper left.
  7. Finally, conclude the process by selecting any of the following options at your disposal:
    • save to camera roll and delete source
    • save to camera
    • Edit
  8. Once the process is finished, if you want to continue combining photos, open the application Shortcuts and tap the shortcut Merge images created above to select your photos and follow steps 8 to 14 above.

How to combine photos with Pic Stitch

One of the most popular applications of all time for combining images or creating collages of photos and videos on iPhones is Pic Stitch. This tool can be found in the official Apple store and offers more than 300 collages layouts or templates for combining images. Thanks to the above, it is the great alternative if you do not want to use Shortcuts.

  1. First of all, download the Pic Stitch app from the App Store.
  2. We will start by selecting a photo design style for the photos you want to combine. At your disposal are the categories of Classic, Fantasy and Trends to find the style that is of your preference.
  3. Select any section of the design to prepare to add a photo to it. If this is the first time you are using the application, it is essential that you activate the option Allow access to all photos to give you the corresponding permissions to the application to access your photos.
  4. Then touch the pictures you want to add and then click on Ready in the upper right.
  5. Then drag and drop a picture in the frame set for her within the combined photo layout. You can always enhance or edit each photo before adding it to the frame to achieve an ideal result. Press Ready in the upper right corner when you’re done editing.
  6. Repeat the entire process from step five for the remaining photos and frames. You will have the possibility to adjust which part of the photo is displayed in the frame by dragging it until it fits correctly.
  7. Lastly, touch Keep in the lower menu to save it to your camera roll or share it directly on social networks.

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