How to remove the PIN in Windows 10

Deepak Gupta February 17, 2022
Updated 2022/02/17 at 5:11 PM

Security should always be a premise when managing our computer. The most recommended is use a strong passworde be difficult to break through brute force attacks, to access our account. However, some people find it inconvenient or tedious to type these long passwords every time they log on to their computer.

One of the variants to this problem is, by using a Microsoft account, we can configure access to the computer using a PIN, instead of a long password. This feature is integrated as part of Windows Hello in Windows 10. However, if you have already configured an access PIN, you may need to eliminate this access mechanism to the computer. Well, in the following article we will guide you step by step in the process of removing the PIN in Windows 10.

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Using PIN in Windows 10

The use of a PIN to access your session was incorporated as part of the Windows Hello feature in the version of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. This tool provides several methods of accessing your account, such as PIN, handshake facial and fingerprint, use of access keys or patterns in an image.

These variants can only be used if you use a Microsoft account to log in to the computer, it does not work with local accounts. The use of the PIN is really quite comfortable, since it can only be numerical and only four digits. This makes it very easy to memorize and very quick to write.

If you have already gone through the PIN creation process, you may want to remove it for some reason. However, you can continue to use the Microsoft account to access the computer, using other access mechanisms, such as the account password itself.

The other variant can be by creating a local account on the computer. If you decide on these, you can even leave this account without having to enter an access password. Although I recommend that you do not do it, since this is a very insecure procedure for your information and personal data.

Remove PIN in Windows 10

To remove the PIN in Windows 10 we have to access the configuration options of the Windows 10 operating system. We can do it in two ways: the first by clicking on the gear at the bottom left of the start menu. The second is by pressing the key combination Windows + I

Access Windows 10 settings.

Once we are in the configuration window, we go to the Accounts option.

Account settings to remove the PIN in Windows 10
Account setup.

In this window we choose the tab login options, located in the options bar on the left, with a key as an icon. On the right side of this window we can see the different access mechanisms provided by Windows Hello, among which we have the PIN. Before proceeding with PIN removal, you need to have set up and set a password for your Microsoft account. It is also important that you remember this password, since to remove the PIN you will be required to enter it.

Taking this into consideration, you can click on the PIN option on the right of the window and press the button Put off. Once you are asked for your Microsoft account password, you enter it and the process is complete. From now on you will need to enter your Microsoft password every time you go to the computer. You can also set up another sign-in method provided by Windows Hello.

Remove PIN in Windows 10
Remove PIN in Windows 10.

Add a local account

As we already explained, access using a PIN is only available for Microsoft accounts. If you use a local account, either current user or administrator, you will not need to use the access PIN. In fact, you can even leave the account without requiring a password to enter. This can be another way to remove the PIN in Windows 10.

For this, go to the configuration of the operating system as we explained in the previous space and re-enter the Accounts option. Within the accounts window we are going to select the option Other users or family & other users, depending on the version of Windows 10 that we are running. In the window corresponding to this option we click on the button with the + symbol and the legend Add another person to this team.

Add local account.
Add local account in Windows 10.

In the next window, click on the option I don’t have the login details for this person. Next, in the next window, click on the option Add a user without a Microsoft account. Enter a username for this account and a password and a hint that can suggest the password in case you forget it. Please note that this password hint cannot contain the password you chose.

You can also choose Security questions, and tap and tap Next. Complete the indications of the configuration assistant and you will have the account created. This account is for an ordinary local user without administration permissions.

Convert local account to admin account

You will be able to take a newly added local account and convert it to a management account. With an administration account you will have full control over all options, application and system settings.

To change the type of account go to Settings -> Accounts -> Other users (or family & other users in other versions of Windows 10). In this window, in the Other users section on the right, click on the newly created account. Next, press the Change account type button. In the next window, display the Account type menu and choose Administrator. Then click OK for the changes to take effect.

Change account type.
Change account type in Windows 10.

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