How to remove viewing history from your Netflix profile

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 11:29 PM

Have an individual profile on Netflix It’s a great way to maintain privacy about what you consume. In addition, the platform filters your favorite content, allowing it to recommend other similar productions, which can be part of your style.

However, if you want to clear your viewing history to have new recommendations on your profile or don’t want other people who share the same account to see what you’ve been watching, check out the Connected World tutorial, which will teach you how to remove titles from history on Netflix

Before starting the step by step, it is important to point out that the process for removing the title from your history can take up to 24 hours to complete and can’t be undone.

Also, upon completing the action, the deleted content will no longer be shown as watched on your Netflix profile, it will be removed from the playback queue. continue watching and will not be used to make recommendations for similar titles (unless you re-watch the movie or series). Check out the tutorial below:

How to delete history on Netflix

  • Log in to Netflix via a browser.
  • Then, enter your profile, hover over your photo (located in the upper right corner) and go to the option Account.

How to hide the history of what was watched on Netflix 1 (Screenshot)

  • Scroll the new page until you find the menu of Parental control and profile and click on the profile on which you want to hide the history.

How to hide watching history on Netflix 2 (Screenshot)

  • Now, when locating the option what was watched, click button Display.

How to hide the watch history on Netflix 3 (Screenshot)

  • Another page will open, it will show the titles you watched organized by date. click on the lock icon to hide a movie or an episode of a series.

How to hide the watch history on Netflix 4 (Screenshot)

  • In the case of series, when you hide an episode, you will see a recommendation to hide the entire series. To do this, select the button Hide series?. See the example image below.

How to hide watching history on Netflix 5 (Screenshot)

  • To hide all your viewing history, drag the page to the bottom and select the option hide all. Finally, confirm the action in the sequence.

How to hide watching history on Netflix 6 (Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know how to hide Netflix viewing history.

If you want even more privacy on your Netflix profile, also check out the tutorial we prepared a while ago that shows you how to put a PIN lock on your account on the streaming service by clicking here.


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