How to Set up a New iPhone?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 23, 2022
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If you have purchased a New iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, surely you want to configure it to start using it and fully exploit its potential. There are different ways to set the desired configuration. You can, for example, configure the device from scratch and adapt it to your liking.

On the other hand, you can also import settings from another device that you will use before. You can even transfer content and settings from an Android device to your new iPhone. In the following article we provide a how-to guide to set up a new iPhone from scratch. I invite you to continue with us, we already started.

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Steps to set up a new iPhone from scratch

If you just bought a new iPhone, and you are not going to import settings from another device, then you must follow these steps to set it up for the first time. In case you have already set it up and want to do it again, you must first erase all data from your iPhone before starting the setup process again.

Here are the steps to proceed with the configuration.

Turn on the device

After unpacking the iPhone, the first step is Turn it on. For this you must press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Next, a list of languages ​​will appear for you to choose the one you prefer.

For people with visual impairments, Apple incorporates features such as VoiceOver or Zoom that will help you in the configuration process. You can activate these on the greeting screen.

After choosing the idiom You must select the country and region where are you. This feature is of great importance as it can affect the way you view some features of the device, such as contacts, date and time.

Select country and region.

Here you can also set accessibility options by pressing on the accessibility blue button. This way you can optimize the configuration and use of the new iPhone.

In the event that the device does not turn on or requires a passcode, consult Apple support and help.

Use another device to set up a new iPhone

In case you have another device and you want to use them to set up the new iPhone, you can do it through the option of Quick start. You just have to bring one device closer to the other and follow the instructions.

If not, click on Configure Manually to continue with the setup process.

activate the device

In order to continue with the configuration you must first activate the device. For this you must connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, or to iTunes on a Mac or computer.

Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, or select the option “Use mobile phone connection”. In case you choose this last option, you must insert the card SIM on the device.

Security code

In the next step you can create a security code that will help you protect the data. You can also set the function Face ID and Touch ID. These are security mechanisms for access to the device through facial recognition and fingerprint. You can choose to set these options at this time, or the option “Set up later”.

Create security code.
Create security code.

Transfer information to set up a new iPhone

In the next step you can transfer backup information that you have saved in iCloud, computer or another Android device. If this is the case, transfer the information by choosing the corresponding option.

If you do not want to transfer any information, press the option “Do not transfer apps or data.”


Next, you’ll need to sign in using your Apple ID and associated password. In case you forget your password choose the option “Forgot your password or don’t have an Apple ID?” This option will also guide you to create an Apple ID if you don’t have one. In case you use more than one Apple ID, press the option “Use one for iCloud and one for iTunes?”

set up a new iPhone, Apple ID.
Sign in with Apple ID.

Once you sign in with your Apple ID, an email should be sent to you. Verification code, which you must enter on the device to continue.

Automatic Updates

A series of screens will then appear to configure other device options. Among these you can choose to activate the Automatic Updates, which will download an operating system update iOS and it will ask you to install it. Or you can not activate these options and update a new version of iOS manually when it is available.

On those screens, you must also choose whether or not to share information from your device with Apple developers.

Other services and features when setting up a new iPhone

Then you can activate and configure extra services of your device such as Siri. You may have to say a few phrases to Siri for the speech recognition software to become familiar with your voice.

Set up Siri.
Set up Siri.

In case you are signed in with your Apple ID, you can follow the instructions shown to configure the iCloud Keychain and Apple Play.

Other options you can configure below is the Screen time. This feature gives you data on how much time you spend using Apple devices. In addition, you can set limits on the daily time of use of some apps.

Set Screen Time
Set Screen Time.

Once you set up Screen Time, you can set other viewing options. In this sense you can activate True Tone in case the device supports this function. you can also use Screen size to adjust the size of text and icons on the home screen.

In case you have a iPhone X or higher, you can configure the use of gestures for device navigation. In case your iPhone has a home button, you can set the settings for the button click.

Finishing setting up a new iPhone

Once the configuration process is finished, you will see a window where you will have the option Start. Click on it to start using your device. It is recommended to make a backup of the data and configurations in order to protect your data and in case you have to start configuring from scratch, this process is faster and easier. You will only need to import the backup in the Quick Start and you will skip all the steps described above.

Completing setting up a new iPhone.
Press «Start “to enjoy your iPhone.

To access other options and settings for your new iPhone, you can refer to the iPhone user manual.

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