How to Start Windows 8 / 8.1 in Safe Mode?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 11:17 AM

Do you really need to find a solution to a problem on your computer and you don’t know how to do it? Or is the Windows operating system failing and a diagnosis of what happens is needed? There is no need to worry about this situation, Today at Bigsoftware we are going to teach you How to Start Windows 8 / 8.1 in Safe Mode (or Safe Mode).

In this way, a diagnosis of what is happening can be obtained. Safe mode is nothing more than a way to log in that includes Windows and other software to use, and run only basic drivers, so if you have problems in the system it is a good choice and to know what happens.

When a device that works fine and starts to fail, usually it is software that starts automatically, perhaps it has been downloaded and has a virus that cannot be detected, so the mode does not give access to run.

If you want to know more about Windows 8 read the following article.

Steps and ways to safely start the operating system

Steps and ways to start Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system in safe or fail-safe mode

First Way How To Start Safe Operating System

The steps are easy to follow, but before It should be known that when the operating system is entered into safe mode, the graphics resolution decreases drastically which will allow you to understand that it is in this mode, in addition, the four corners of the screen tell you.

  • In Windows 8 and 8.1 you should go to “PC Configuration”. At this moment click on “Upgrade”, and then double click on “Recovery”.
  • Read the process very carefully when you have finished step 1 click on «Advanced start» and, again in “Restart now”.
  • Look for the option that says “Solve problems” and select that option.
  • When this time is reached, click on the option “Advanced Options” and then in “Startup Settings”.
  • Wait a moment and click on the option “Restart”.
  • The computer will restart naturally. When it is on, a list of options will appear that come from “Startup settings”.

You can choose from multiple safe mode settings, read very carefully to find out which one you want:

  • If a mode is desired that allows you a minimum of controllers and servers press F4.
  • If otherwise while in safe mode and want to surf the internet Safe mode with network can be used by pressing F5.
  • For more advanced options, ways that only professional people use, you can activate the safe mode with the Windows icon pressing F6, who supports a command line linear figuration.

When selecting the “Safe Mode” desired, the computer will turn on and you must enter your username in the operating system and password. The device will then boot into safe mode.

Second way of how to start the operating system safe

We leave you a second way of how to access this mode, but this time from outside the operating system. Generally when Windows 8 or 8.1 has problems , he himself advises that you select an optionIf it is found or appears on the screen, turn the computer off and on by pressing the key multiple times. “Esc”.

What should be done after this is the following:

  • To continue continuing, press the key F11 to begin system recovery.
  • If you have previously carried out the process, you will notice that in some moments it will not appear keyboard layout, on the screen select an option press “Solve problems” to continue.
  • When looking at the multiple options select the one that says “Advanced Options”.
  • Then read the options carefully and press “Startup settings”.

Later this restarts the computer. A new startup configuration will appear with various options. Similar to the previous one, press the one you want the most.

  • If you want a so that it provides you with a minimum of drivers and servers press F4.
  • If otherwise while in safe mode you want to surf the internet you can use safe mode with network by pressing F5.
  • For advanced options, ways only professional people use, this mode can be activated with the Windows icon by pressing F6, which allows a linear command line configuration.

To finish the process what should be done is to start with a user who has administrator rights and! voila !, you will be able to use the computer in safe mode after it restarts.

What if the Windows 8 computer doesn’t work? How to start to safe mode?

What if the Windows 8 computer doesn't work, how do I get into safe mode?
What if the Windows 8 computer doesn’t work, how do I get into safe mode?

There are multiple ways that you can follow if your Windows 8 / 8.1 computer is not working. Each of them is briefly presented below so that you can have an idea of ​​what to do in this case.

  • Firstly, it must be taken into account is to carry out a computer virus scanTo do this, you have the option of using an antivirus. Generally, users do not use this option because it is long, but it is worth leaving the computer virus-free, after being patient you can use the computer if the situation arises from there.
  • Another element for which the computer malfunctions is due to a drive update is urgently needed, which are nothing more than the drivers for defined physical elements that if they are not updated can lead to system failures.
  • You can restore the computer to a certain point that everything worked correctly, this would eliminate everything that was damaging the PC or everything that has been saved up to that point. Generally, this is an alternative since a very rigorous search for the problem is avoided because the computer performs this procedure for the user and restores to the correct point..
  • You can also choose the alternative to start with the safe mode who allows you to know if what is damaging the computer is in one of the applications that is active or is an internal process of the same. If all of the above is no longer an alternative because it failed, try one last alternative before formatting.
  • We recommend that you perform a Windows restoration, for this you must go to the main search engine and put the phrase “System recovery.” With this alternative you can reinstall the operating system keeping the files if you wish.

How to start Windows 8 / 8.1 in safe mode, if operating system is damaged?

How to start Windows 8 / 8.1 in safe mode, if operating system is damaged?
How to start Windows 8 / 8.1 in safe mode, if operating system is damaged?

There is a way to enter test mode or safe mode using command controls that are on the keyboard, it is a little known procedure and it does not work with all systems. You should check that your configuration does not contain UEFI and an SSD as a device storage, if the command does not work, you can use the previous methods or use a boot disk, which is an excellent alternative to consider.

This disc can be created on any machine that allows optical recording of a disc. The command to use after the Windows icon is displayed when turning on the computer is «Shift» + »Shift» + »F8» . An element that must be taken into account that only works for Windows 8 and 8.1. And in this way it is ready to boot into mode and fix the problems presented on the computer.

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