Hydrogen engine for hypersonic plane is about to become a reality

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 6:23 PM

Hypersonix, an Australian company specializing in the construction of aircraft engines, announced that it has found the ideal material for its Spartan hydrogen engine. The company will use CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composites) to produce the motor. THE Spartan engine will be able to accelerate the Delta-Velos hypersonic plane above Mach 5 speed.

For a flight to be considered hypersonic, it needs to reach or exceed Mach 5 speed, about 6,000 km/h. Michael Smart, Chief Technology Officer at Hypersonix comments that Scramjet engines – engines with hypersonic applications – rely on the combustion of a fuel and oxygen from the air to produce thrust. He claims the green hydrogen-powered Spartan engine, utilizing CMC, will withstand the high temperatures that hypersonic vehicles must endure. Below you can see an image of the Spartan hydrogen engine.

High temperature charging only lasts for about 20 minutes per flight, and for reuse at least 30 cycles would be enough. CMCs have a high strength-to-weight ratio even at high temperature, high thermal shock resistance, and durability

Company specialized in the construction of engines

Although the Spartan engine is a concept developed for the company’s hypersonic plane, the Delta-Velos, Hypersonix is ​​a company dedicated to the manufacture of engines. The Australian company has been developing partnerships with universities, Boieing, BOC Ltd, a hydrogen supplier, and also Siemens, which will supply the fluid dynamics computer simulation systems.

Smart says the company’s aim is to provide sustainable hypersonic engines to the market. “Our key expertise lies in scram jet engines and how to develop sustainable hypersonic aircraft. We are actively pursuing research and development as well as durability and high temperature resistance for multipurpose launch vehicles and engines and their components.”


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