Hyundai Click to Buy – Own your Hyundai with just one click

Deepak Gupta June 30, 2022
Updated 2022/06/30 at 4:39 PM

Hyundai is one of the most popular brands in the digital world. In addition to its online presence, the brand has been developing web tools for several years to get closer to the consumer. Thus, in addition to the storefront it already has on the internet, the South Korean company also wants its sales to be within reach of a click. The Hyundai Click to Buy platform makes it easy to buy a car from the brand.

Hyundai Click to Buy will allow the customer to make the entire purchase process 100% online.

From the desire to try until the moment of paying

End-to-end online passenger vehicle sales have increased over the past three years. As such, Hyundai Motor has now launched its Hyundai Click to Buy version in Portugal.

A simple, safe and convenient process for customers to have a total shopping experience. That is, from the recovery, financing and final purchase, you can do everything 100% online.

Despite this, this omnichannel experience allows customers to start online and continue offline or complete entirely online, whichever they prefer. That is, you can start online, but you can then, face to face at a dealership, finish the process.

Hyundai Click to Buy allows the customer to obtain a guaranteed trade-in value for their current vehicle and use that amount as an input in the purchase process of the new vehicle.

Hyundai Click to Buy emphasizes the customer-dealer relationship

Customers will continue to approach their local dealers for inquiries and for a range of other actions. This way, dealers can expand their reach to online customers and get in touch earlier in the sales process.

Instead of visiting a Hyundai dealership, customers turn their devices, mobile or not, into a showroom for the South Korean brand. They can order from home and receive offers completely adapted to their needs. After customers have configured their car or found a car available in stock, can place the order with nine clicks.

With the launch of this online store, Hyundai Portugal aims to reinforce its digital positioning strategy by offering a new concept of car purchase adapted to the current consumer reality. At this point, it should be noted that, already today, 20% of Hyundai's sales in Portugal come from its digital channels, as a result of the brand's continuous commitment to responding to its Online customers.

These results, together with the success obtained in the various launches with online pre-booking, in models such as the Hyundai i10, the IONIQ 5 and the BAYON, or the exclusive edition of the Hyundai i20 Miguel Oliveira, are proof of consumers' appetite for the Online experience of purchase of a vehicle.

Mention the brand in a statement.

Customers can choose their preferred model in the company configurator or select a vehicle directly from the dealer's stock.

Click to Buy Hyundai website image

The purchase process can be conveniently completed online, and in mainland Portugal it is possible to complete the entire process in a total of 15 days. That is, from choosing to receiving it at home, it takes just two weeks, as mentioned by Ricardo Lopes, Chief Operating Officer - Hyundai Portugal.

To submit their order, customers are invited to log in. Thanks to the Hyundai account, customers in dedicated European markets only need a single login.

For more information, visit the now available and functional website: Hyundai Click to Buy.

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