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Deepak Gupta April 11, 2022
Updated 2022/04/11 at 2:21 PM

Companies, regardless of their size, face challenges that go beyond profit creation. Managing human resources, allocating office supplies, computers, organizing documentation or always having to pay for software licenses are other challenges.

The software that we present to you today could be the solution you are looking for to take the leap in the management of all your company’s documentation. We’re talking about the i-doit.

i-doit (I document IT) appears as a complete IT and CMDB documentation software, that is, it is a repository of information related to all the components of an information system, with all the details of the configuration items in the infrastructure of YOU.

In short, the company, through this solution, will be able to locate the computers that are distributed by the teams, those that are available to be allocated to new workers, as well as all the peripherals or other type of hardware. The company will be able to manage software licenses, namely, with alerts for their renewal, and manage human resources, including contracts. Even maps of the offices can be created, for example, to distribute and organize work teams more efficiently.

Basically, the company will be able to document everything that is relevant to keep documented. After all, organization is critical to the success of any business.

In addition to this complete management, the i-doit service also guarantees a relatively low investment. For example, for small companies there is still the advantage of having a very flexible open source version.

How does i-doit work?

The service is presented in a very intuitive way and, to help the company, it immediately includes a Quick Configuration Assistant that helps in defining the parameters that really matter to document.

It should be noted that in this documentation process, the company should not start wanting to document everything at once. The process should start with the documentation of the most critical elements and, over time, add new parameters, mainly because the platform allows it to be done in a simple way.

And since no one company is the same and the documentation needs vary widely, each company will be able to customize i-doit to suit their needs.

At a glance, the software includes a tab bar with all the topic categories documented. There are then two forms of visualization for each of them, by object or by location.

By selecting one of the items it is then possible to know everything about it and eventually adjust the parameters to a new reality. For example, under Hardware, we can see that there are 47 registered monitors. By opening this element, it is then possible to know, in an overview, elements such as the model, the dimension, who it is allocated to, what it is intended for, if it is in operation, if it is available to allocate to someone or if it even needs Repair.

When opening a specific model there will then be more information to explore or change.

In the field of software, i-doit will also play a leading role, facilitating the management of licenses, how many licenses are available for each software, where they are installed, and when they expire. All this can be registered and associated with the hardware itself. There is, for this, the possibility of creating links between the objects and having a generalized view of the current condition of each of the documented objects.

In addition to the information listed, everything can still be observed through complete organizational charts.

There are also add-ons that will further enhance the interaction with the software. For example, it is possible to create a complete mapping of an office or an openspace, a server room, or any other space within a company and add the information and location of each element to be documented.

The benefits for the company

The basis of any company has to go through a good management of resources, keeping critical elements well documented can make all the difference in this process.

The i-doit thus emerges as a robust solution, quite customizable and adaptable over time and to the different realities that are part of a company's life.

We are talking about a relatively low investment that can vary between 2000 and 2500 €, which allows for a total management of services and also offers the possibility to create reports whenever necessary for each parameter to be analyzed.

i-doit is an open source software that already has a cloud version to be explored, following the current requirements of companies.


Webinar: Getting Started with i-doit

For anyone interested in exploring i-doit to implement in their company, you should participate in the Webinar: First steps with i-doit that will take place on April 13, at 2 pm in Lisbon.

In this webinar, some key features of i-doit Pro will be presented, where you will learn how to start your IT documentation project step by step in order to create successful strategies for sustainable IT documentation. It will also show you tips and tricks that can help you to create a complete and useful IT documentation.

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